embracing the delicate

I’m not the most graceful person in the world. I’m not a klutz, but you would never be able to tell that I was a dancer for fourteen years…if you consider the word dancer pretty broadly (one class a week, a few competitions here and there, but that’s about it).

I don’t dress “gracefully” either. I wear either neutrals or bold colors, pastels really aren’t my thing (my mom wasn’t happy when I showed up with boots to wear with my Easter outfit last year). Not to mention the t-shirts I love so much.

Sidenote 1: One way to get rid of your Mets t-shirts is by having the Mets trade away your favorite players. Or by having those players get suspended for punching people in the face. Or by having those players get injured and never return. It’s an efficient way to clean out your closet.

At any rate, I noticed that a lot of the spring and summer trends for this year were more on the delicate side. Yes, there are bright skinny jeans, but there is also a bunch of lace. There are in-your-face colors like tangerine, but also softer hues like mint. Summer dresses in stores are soft chiffon, rather than cotton. And crazily enough, I found myself liking said delicate things! Me! Delicate! The girl who has the mouth of a sailor when she’s watching her hockey team screw up their shot at winning a game in regulation. The girl that hates romcoms and anything else with Katherine Heigl.

Sidenote 2: I’m aware that disliking Katherine Heigl as an actor, or person, is common and not mutually exclusive of delicate. Sorry, Katherine.

So my March purchases are a bit on the delicate side (with one exception, of course, because I’m full of surprises). And the best part? Since I needed to return something I got for my birthday, and had a giftcard from Christmas (I love stocking up on those damn giftcards), my total out of pocket cost so far this month? Fifty bucks. Boom.

I haven’t received one of the items yet, since HauteLook takes a million years to process shipments (that’s fine, their stuff is a steal), but I did get a fair amount of shopping done at H&M:

Shorts, $17.95 (they don’t have blue on the site)
Dress, $29.95
Skirt, $19.95 (couldn’t find it on the site either)

Lace! Flowers! Sheer fabrics! I’ll be unrecognizable this summer…remember when I used to take outfit photos? I will start that up again, promise.

february budget – spring prep w/pantone

January was a lean month, clothes wise. After receiving a few great pieces for Christmas, I didn’t need to spend a lot of money on clothes, and clocked in at just over $80. Sweet! In a moment of extreme sensibility, I’m not going to increase my February budget of $100 to compensate for the money I saved in January….because then I didn’t actually save it, right? I’m making mature financial decisions, people.

I find myself doing smarter shopping when I had a to-do list. This goes for groceries, clothes, everything. While I like window shopping, or online browsing, in general I’m much better at tasks that have a clear focus. In addition, throw the word “challenge” in there, and I’m all over it. I’m still waiting for the day where the stars align and I can participate in the EverybodyEverywear┬áchallenge one of these months, but until then, my own personal challenges will have to do.

So for February, my challenge to myself (in addition to keeping my budget), is to buy only clothes or accessories that are in the color palette that Pantone featured in their “Spring 2012” fashion color report. They’re fun colors, and a good variety, so I don’t anticipate it being too difficult.

Spring Color Report Results

I’m especially loving Margarita and Cockatoo, they’re a little subtle but still seem to be good colors to do some blocking with. If you’re wondering, I do feel silly calling them by those names, but I guess it’s no different than crayon colors, right?

I’m in desperate need of a bright blazer, I think pink (I’m sorry, “cabaret”) is the way to go. Other than that, I’m keeping my options open…except where tangerine is concerned. My skin tone just doesn’t like that color, so I’ll be keeping it away from direct contact. Maybe an accessory or two, but certainly no pants or tops.

That’s close enough, right? Any suggestions? Cockatoo pants? That just sounds fun…I may have to get on that.