embracing the delicate

I’m not the most graceful person in the world. I’m not a klutz, but you would never be able to tell that I was a dancer for fourteen years…if you consider the word dancer pretty broadly (one class a week, a few competitions here and there, but that’s about it).

I don’t dress “gracefully” either. I wear either neutrals or bold colors, pastels really aren’t my thing (my mom wasn’t happy when I showed up with boots to wear with my Easter outfit last year). Not to mention the t-shirts I love so much.

Sidenote 1: One way to get rid of your Mets t-shirts is by having the Mets trade away your favorite players. Or by having those players get suspended for punching people in the face. Or by having those players get injured and never return. It’s an efficient way to clean out your closet.

At any rate, I noticed that a lot of the spring and summer trends for this year were more on the delicate side. Yes, there are bright skinny jeans, but there is also a bunch of lace. There are in-your-face colors like tangerine, but also softer hues like mint. Summer dresses in stores are soft chiffon, rather than cotton. And crazily enough, I found myself liking said delicate things! Me! Delicate! The girl who has the mouth of a sailor when she’s watching her hockey team screw up their shot at winning a game in regulation. The girl that hates romcoms and anything else with Katherine Heigl.

Sidenote 2: I’m aware that disliking Katherine Heigl as an actor, or person, is common and not mutually exclusive of delicate. Sorry, Katherine.

So my March purchases are a bit on the delicate side (with one exception, of course, because I’m full of surprises). And the best part? Since I needed to return something I got for my birthday, and had a giftcard from Christmas (I love stocking up on those damn giftcards), my total out of pocket cost so far this month? Fifty bucks. Boom.

I haven’t received one of the items yet, since HauteLook takes a million years to process shipments (that’s fine, their stuff is a steal), but I did get a fair amount of shopping done at H&M:

Shorts, $17.95 (they don’t have blue on the site)
Dress, $29.95
Skirt, $19.95 (couldn’t find it on the site either)

Lace! Flowers! Sheer fabrics! I’ll be unrecognizable this summer…remember when I used to take outfit photos? I will start that up again, promise.

color palettes and ‘thropologie

In this post, I’m going to assume you know about the following things, at least in a cursory sort of way: Pinterest and Anthropologie. No need to explain the enigmatic allure of either right? Good.

One thing that I’ve latched on to lately on Pinterest is color palettes. They’re aesthetically pleasing, and helpful for the color-challenged to pick out winning combinations for decorating, fashion, etc. One of the boards I follow is this one: it’s got bold and muted colors, nothing too crazy, and it’s right up my alley.

I decided to use this palette as a jumping off point for yesterday’s outfit. Not exactly the same colors, but the purple/beige element was there…what do you think?

Sidenote: Remember how I said I wanted to take better pictures? Obviously that’s going really terribly…I think I need a new camera. And I need to make sure I take more than one picture where I don’t look bowlegged so I have some choices. Sorry it looks like my elbow blends into my door.

Also, I have a major dilemma (no, it’s not serious, it’s fashion related). The world decided to act in my favor and open an Anthropologie right on the corner near my job. Seriously, this is only the second one in Manhattan.  It opens tomorrow, and I’m hoping to score some good opening-day deals. This is not good for my wallet, guys! I only have $20 left in my budget for February (darn you, pink blazer!). For $20 I can get an apron. Or a bowl. I refuse to raise my budget for the month but I am afraid my resistance will fail me when I’m actually in the store and not online-window-shopping.