more wardrobe (and winners too!)

I’m glad you guys can’t see my keyboard right now, it’s got a few tears of joy on it. This morning, with a little over twelve hours to spare, I finished National Novel Writing Month, clocking in at 50,396 words! My beau just told me he wanted to celebrate by taking me out to dinner, what a nice guy. It was looking rough there for a few days, kids. I was up at 42,000 before I left for vacation, then proceeded to not put a single word on paper for nine days (even though I was only gone for five, but what? It was Thanksgiving weekend!). A little over 8,000 in two days finished me off though, and despite the fact that my ending is shoddy and my novel will never be shared with the world, it’s a good feeling.

I figured the last thing I would want to do today was write some more, but I wanted to share another outfit from Austin! Unfortunately I didn’t get good pictures from the other days, so these two will have to do. The beauty of this outfit was that the vest is actually my younger sister’s. She decided she couldn’t pull it off, and since I already had one similar, she decided that they looked nice on me and thus passed it on. What is the opposite of a hand-me-down…a hand-me-up? If so, I got this hand-me-upped to me last year, and really like it.

Sidenote: From my pictures, it looks like I wore my¬†moccasins¬†the entire trip, but that isn’t true, promise! I bought some boots at Payless the day before I left and wore those a lot, but switched to the flats when my feet got tired (so mostly every night).

Sidenote 2: You can’t really tell in the picture, but I bought some new earrings at one of the small stores on South Congress (they had some amazing shopping there!). The earrings were handmade from an old tin, and they were sold on paint swatches. I wanted to buy about ten pairs but knew I shouldn’t spend all of my souvenir money on earrings, oops. The woman that makes them has an Etsy shop, Adaptive Reuse, check it out! I’ll probably buy another pair in the future, I got a bunch of compliments on them!

I wore this last Tuesday, our last full day in Texas. Early in the day I met up with a friend of mine who lives in the area, and she took us to Mount Bonnell, one of the highest points in Austin, and to Zilker Park. It was so nice being able to get to places that weren’t accessible by walking (which was our only mode of transportation in the previous days). The views were amazing, and the Colorado River looked pristine. While I had been doing research for the trip I read quite often about the nice vintage shops and good food (which we got a good dose of), but the beautiful scenery wasn’t talked about all that much, what a bonus!

After taking the scenic route, we visited UT Austin’s huge campus. As someone that works in higher education, my only experience comes with small private colleges, so to be on such a big campus was a real culture shock! For the record, the students seemed really enthusiastic and the buildings were all quite well maintained, I was impressed. It didn’t hurt that they have several museums on campus, as well as the Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library, which we spent a good deal of time in.

Overall, I really loved Austin and am so happy I was able to take a break from work and go visit! While I still have a lot of other places I want to see in the United States (we were making a list as we walked through downtown), I would absolutely consider going back. Thanks for a good time, Texas!

Sidenote 3: Recently I’ve gotten notifications from WordPress that I’m getting “likes” and comments on my posts, I just wanted to say thanks! It’s really encouraging to get some positive feedback, even if I’m not necessarily seeking it out. And I’ve found some really cool blogs via those sorts of things, so thanks again!

fashion takes a backseat, nano here we go!

I’ve previously mentioned that I will be participated in this years NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). It starts today, which is, well, incredibly soon. Simply put, the challenge is to write a novel of at least 50,000 words in a month. Cool. I’ve done it twice, won it once, and I really like my plot this year.

However, I very rarely ever talk about it to others. While many people love the social experience of NaNo, competing against others and talking about their progress, I don’t do that. My student worker is also participating and I’ve not even mentioned it to her. To me, it’s more a solitary activity. My friends are busy enough in their own lives that if I need some empathy about the frenetic pace of my November, I have plenty of company.

So why am I even writing about it here? Consider this post my apology being scarce in November. Of course, I have a vacation planned and Thanksgiving too, so this month will be busy to begin with. But I have no doubt that each time I open up WordPress to start a new post, my pain-in-the-ass conscience will be saying “shouldn’t you be working on your novel?” And it will be right. I have a few drafts and content all ready to go, so this joint won’t be vacant for a month, just a little less crowded. And I’m sure I’ll be more worried about my day’s wordcount than my clothes anyway, so chances are I’m going to be borderline Frumpgria for a short while.

Except in Texas, of course, I’ve got to make a good impression there. If I’m going to be trying on cowboy boots, I want a nice outfit to test them with. And stay tuned for a post about my Halloween costume, but beyond that, who knows?!

Happy November, folks!