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I’m a proud Brooklynite.  Sure, I’ve only lived in the borough for about a year and a half.  I can lay claim to Suffolk County, and Poughkeepsie, for far longer.  But as someone who craves independency, Brooklyn gives me that.

Disclaimer: I don’t live in Williamsburg, and I’m not a hipster.

Further Disclaimer: Not all 20somethings that live in Brooklyn live in Greenpoint or Williamsburg.  They don’t all drink picklebacks and talk about indie music into the wee hours of the morning.  Sure, some of them do (and I count them among my friends), but I dislike the assumption that I must be like that if I call Kings County my home.

Rant over.  Approaching the topic at hand (but still not quite addressing it), I just love that Brooklyn has become such a name, a brand.  I mean, does Queens have vendors clamoring to slap their name on beer, pickles, and restaurants?  I think not.  Nothing against Queens, I understand that the name itself is pretty generic, it’s hard to brand it.  But still.

Anyway.  I wanted to talk about Brooklyn Industries, and how fun but practical their stuff seems to be.  I was itching to spend some money a few weeks ago,  and found myself here.  In the interest of full disclosure, I meant to go into another store, but it wasn’t open.  Feeling stupid making a complete 180 and heading back, I stopped in Brooklyn Industries, which happened to be next door.  What a wonderful way to cover up my embarrassment!

Even better, they were having a sale. I love sales.  I perused the sale racks, because after seeing the regular prices, I thought that was for the best.  When I’m in the mood to shop, I’m not necessarily in the mood to drop $100.  However, if something was originally $100, and I end up getting it for $30.00, well, that’s something I can handle.  And that’s how I came to own this jacket:

Mackenzie Military Fleece

Note:  I happen to own a lot of jackets.  Most of them are in my closet at my parent’s house, but I have a whole range of colors and patterns.  My tightwad self at first felt a sense of guilt purchasing another one, but I managed to justify it.  Many of these aforementioned jackets aren’t of the best quality (what? where else but Target and Joyce Leslie can I buy all of these jackets without spending a bundle?), so investing in a niceone seemed to be as good a reason as any to plop it on counter and whip out my debit card.

I’m still trying to figure out which sort of outfit it looks best over.  I tend to wear longer tops, and I’m not thrilled with how they look under a short coat.  Maybe I need to invest in some plaid to wear underneath, like the hipster model in the picture.  I’ve worn it a few times, though, and I do like the fit and how comfy it is.  Now I just need to buck up and spend full price on some summer dresses, so I can flaunt my Brooklyn-ness all year round.