backseat to birthdays

Why is it that when I get the itch to buy something for myself, I’m too busy budgeting for other things?  It sucks, it really does.  My shoes are coming today, every time the door to our office opens I hope that it’s the guys from the mailroom, delivering my Gilt Groupe-y goodness.  That should satisfy my shopping bug, yes?  I hope so.

I already mentioned that I’m trying to save money for summer activities, but really, I do plan on doing a lot of free things.  Trips to Governor’s Island, sitting on the “free” side of shows in Prospect Park (also known as on the side of the fence where you can’t actually see the performers).  I subscribe to Time Out New York, I know there’s a bunch of free and super-cheap things to do, and I plan on taking advantage of that.

However, everyone and their mother (literally) is having an occasion I need to buy presents for.  Excluding Mother’s Day, in which I purchased something that I need to be partially re-imbursed for from my sisters:

  1. Mother’s birthday – this week
  2. Father’s birthday – next week
  3. Sister’s graduation from college – next week
  4. Father’s Day – mid-June
  5. Beau’s birthday – mid-June
  6. Sister’s birthday – mid-June
  7. Best friend’s birthday – end-June
  8. Other sister’s birthday – mid-July
Why must everyone I know be a Gemini?  Or whatever sign they are considered at this point after the major zodiac shake-up.  I’m fine with not buying clothes, I obviously enjoy giving gifts.  But it’s really hard to shop when three of these people are getting two gifts within a month.  How am I supposed to be creative twice in as many weeks? For the same person?  

I know I should be grateful for the fact that I have a decent job in which I can purchase gifts for people, gifts that actually mean something.   I am grateful, I love my job.  And I’m sure that all of these people would be quick to say “don’t get me anything!” but who ever listens to that?  Honestly.
So my clothes shopping will be taking a backseat to these bashes.  And even though I’ve got my eye on this dress, and it’s currently on sale, and I can wear it both for fun and for work, I will be practicing the art of resistance.  Ugh, resist, Cindie, resist!
It’s so cute, and very me.  Ugh, this is hard.
(That’s what she said.)  Yes, I just did that.