that’s haute

Guys guys guys. I know I said I wouldn’t buy anything else for a little while because I have so many other things going on.  But I honestly couldn’t pass up Wednesday’s HauteLook email.  I bought two things.   Two!

In order to prevent myself from being this spontaneous again in the near future, I’ve fixed up my Gmail to re-route any emails about sales, clothes, and fashion directly into my “Read Mail”, so I don’t see it.  If it doesn’t hit my inbox, I won’t be tempted, right?

I’m usually very responsible with my money, so I then spend a lot of time justifying these sorts of decisions.

Justification 1:  I got paid this week.

Justification 2:  With the exception of last week’s shoes, I hadn’t bought an article of clothing for more than $20 in a while.

Justification 3:  I got two seriously good deals.  I’m sure this is where the argument of “I saved a ton” vs. “no you didn’t because if they weren’t on sale you wouldn’t have bought them” comes into play.  But still.

Justification 4 (bonus!):  I did start coveting a new watch after I saw all these fashionista bloggers accenting their outfits with them.  And I already said I needed a fun, bright dress.

BCBGeneration dress, yay.
Lucien Piccard watch. Swarovski crystals.

I only spent $65.00 total.  Including shipping.  How could I not just go for it?  The only downside is that they aren’t expected to arrive until 06/10.  This is a decent amount of time, so I just hope that by the time I get them in the mail I’m not experiencing buyer’s remorse.  It’s been two days and I’m still feelin’ good, so I think I’ll be okay.