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Long time no post.

I think the crazy New York weather is really strangling my fashion creativity. In case you aren’t up-to-date on the NY Metro area weather, it’s been, well, spring. Almost summer, but still winter. One day it will be a pleasant and sunny high-60s, the next day it’s in the 40s. We had some wicked fog this weekend, but then the sun shines through. All of this makes it really hard to pick out clothes that are practical but fun at the same time. Not to mention that half of my friends/family/coworkers/acquaintances have been getting sick from all of the¬†meteorological leapfrog.

Anyway. So no glimpses into my outfits, because I’ve often found myself changing two or three times before I leave for work, and then when I get home I’ve been busy with various other things (and changing out of my uninspired outfits).

Didn’t I say this whole thing would be easier if I could Instagram the crap out of my day? But alas, the smartphone is still “coming soon”.

Other things that have kept me busy: figuring out the rest of my life.¬†Aka when I am finishing grad school. Originally I planned on going back in the fall for my last two classes, but I just don’t feel like taking the whole summer off just to go back for a few classes. So I’ve finagled not only a summer class at my school (with tricky scheduling and some fragmented vacation days), but an online class that I’m hopefully transferring in. Which means I’ll be done with my Masters in July, instead of December. Sweet!

In other news, I’ve been chosen as a People Mag StyleWatch Style Hunter, how cool is that? I’m quite humbled and excited that little old me was on the list. Sounds like I may have some cool samples and sneak peeks coming down the pike, so keep an eye out.

Finally, I’ve had my pinterest for over a year now but I never linked to it, so here:

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I’m trying to make sure I provide proper credit to those I pin, but if you see one that doesn’t have it, let me know and I’ll send you to the source!


breaking out the needle and thread

My beau and I were walking around Greenwich Village about a month ago as we killed some time before a restaurant reservation. I was drawn into a little boutique that was hawking their winter coats for way-way-clearance prices. As I flipped through the wool coats, this was our conversation:

Beau: Don’t you have a wool coat?

Me: Yes, but most of the buttons fell off, so I can’t wear it unless it’s open.

Beau: Then why do you still have it?

Me: Because I like it.

Beau: But if you don’t wear it…and you have a puffy coat too, you probably don’t need another coat.

Me: But I don’t like my puffy coat, it’s just good at keeping me warm…

Beau: …

His argument is sound: why buy a third winter coat and keep the other two? One has hardly any buttons, one I don’t like. Makes sense (he usually does), and I decided that he was right. But rather than ditching my wool coat, I decided to revamp it with some fun buttons. In my head, I envisioned mismatching vintage buttons, an upgrade for a coat that I don’t really wear.

And so I headed to the Brooklyn Flea, my new favorite spot, to acquire a handful of buttons. No dice, the only ones I found were just regular looking buttons that happened to be old. So I found some cute ones on Etsy. It turned out they were from Hong Kong, which I found out after it had been a week and I hadn’t received them yet. Don’t make the same mistake I made: if you see an Etsy shop that doesn’t have their location and isn’t clear about where they’re shipping from, ask before you buy. As you can tell, we’re now in the final few weeks of winter and I just finished this project.

But total cost? $13 (including the extra-durable thread I bought). Much cheaper than a new coat, and now I can wear it rather than lamenting about needing to wear my puffer all the time…well, next winter, since the puffer is (hopefully) once again in it’s home in the back of the closet.

Some ‘result’ shots:

Old buttons vs. new buttons.

This counts as DIY, right?