About the Blog

I really do love lists (and parenthetical asides).  If my email correspondence at work could be comprised solely of lists, I would be a happy camper.

Therefore, an easy breakdown of this fledgling blog, for your reading pleasure:

Things you will see on Cingria:

  • Clothes I love, even if I don’t buy them.  I’m big on sharing.
  • Clothes and outfits I’ve purchased, and reviews of such things.
  • General reflections about fashion, being fashionable in NYC, and who inspires me.
  • Occasionally, other random musings that have nothing to do with this massive undertaking.  This may include recipes, books, and other general things that one may find on a lifestyle blog.

Things you won’t see:

  • Lamentations or excitement about my figure. I’m very happy with my body, I don’t talk about my weight, good or bad.
  • Any sort of professional looking photoshoots of my outfits. Again, I’m not a fashion blogger. I don’t have a companion that’s snapping away with just the right lighting. I have a wonderful boyfriend, but I’m not going to ask him to do that.  If you want to see daily outfits, perfectly coordinated and perfectly pressed, I can give you some blog recommendations, but that’s it.  Occasionally my outfit photos will be from various locales besides my apartment: I understand that’s somewhat ‘unnatural’, but I’m only taking pictures at these place if I’m there anyway, I’m not scoping them out because I think it’ll look cool to do a fashion shoot.
  • Rants about my sports teams. I have Twitter for that.

If you like what you see, I encourage you to share.  I’d love some feedback.  Is that salmon vest just not a good color for me? Let me know.  Do you think maybe that Mets shirt would look okay with those jeans, jacket and belt?  Say so.  Deep down, I’d like nothing more than to be able to fit David Wright into a sophisticated, functioning wardrobe.  Or at least find a way to wear those worn-in jeans that I really should have gotten rid of years ago without seeming too clingy.

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