goodbyes are bittersweet

I’ve had a version of this post in my head for awhile, but I think it’s best just to keep it short and sweet.

Cingria has run it’s course. Mostly because I think I’ve accomplished my goal: buying better quality clothes (even if I don’t have the budget for true investment pieces yet), wearing “outfits” instead of just clothes thrown together, and spending some time looking at color, composition and trends vs. style. I discovered my personal style, got rid of old clothes, found some amazing fashion bloggers that I plan on continuing to read.

But it terms of blogging my clothes? I’m done with that. I’d need a closet about three times the size of what I have to be a viable “fashion blogger”, and it’s not something I set out to do anyway. At some point I’m sure I’ll be working on some other blog, I need a writing outlet at the very least.

And so I suppose this is goodbye! Thanks for reading, for feedback, for your comments over coffee, your recommendations and links.

I really like the name “Cingria”, so I’m surely going to keep it around, don’t you even worry.