breaking up with my feb budget challenge

Ok, I’m not usually one to admit defeat in a challenge. Seriously, when I was younger and SimTown informed me that I needed to build three apartment buildings in a month, sanitation department be damned, I did it if it meant I won the challenge. I’ve come to set up many challenges for myself because that’s how I become motivated. Becoming vegetarian? Challenge: Let’s see how long you can go without eating meat! Finally learning to drink at least one bottle of water a day? Challenge: Let’s see how many days in a row you remember to fill up your water bottle and drink it before 5PM.

But I digress. What you need to know is that I don’t back down from even my personal challenges very easily. However, perfect blue polka dot dresses aren’t usually involved.

Pinterest informs me that I pinned this outfit inspiration a whopping 44 weeks ago.

Way back in April 2011 I posted it on my blog as an outfit that I wanted to copy. It’s been in my head ever since, but I never found the dress I wanted to buy to make it happen. Blue polka dot dresses were either not navy enough, too short, too see-through, or just slutty. Nosireebob.

But then today, in two different places on the same day, I saw it.¬†The perfect dress, exactly what I wanted. It was from Old Navy, it got excellent reviews, and it fit in my budget for the month (I’d already spent on that pink blazer and some mustard tights). Perfection. I need to have it.

So this weekend I’m running to Old Navy and crossing my fingers that they have them in-store and in my size.

No, this dress is not in a spring approved color. No, it does not fit in with the February challenge. But I figure that since I wanted it for almost a year, I can get away with it.


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