cingria’s one year anniversary

A few weeks ago I realized that since I started this endeavor right before my twenty-fourth birthday, I must be nearing my one year anniversary! (Yes, I’ll be 25 very soon, that’s a little scary). And sure enough, Sunday was the day. One year probably isn’t a heck of a lot in the blogging world, but I’ve started and stopped on a lot of previous blog projects before, so I’m really happy I’ve made it this far!

At this milestone it might make sense to set some new goals. But since I’ve got goals up the wazoo, I decided that I’d rather look back and see what I actually accomplished so far. After all, the whole point of Cingria was to buff up my wardrobe and to start dressing with a bit more sophistication…have I done that so far?

I think so. I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of clothes over the course of the last year, even some that were difficult to part with. I’ve become more in tune with style: not just with of-the-moment trends, but with the ability to hone in on my own style and figure what sorts of clothes I want to wear.

I’ve put myself on a clothes budget that has forced me to really think about which items I buy (except, of course, when I’m perusing flash sales and the psychology of the “must-have” takes over). While I’m a sucker for a good dress, I’ve tried shaking up my purchases with other items.

My ability to visualize an entire outfit has improved, even if it’s not entirely developed. I find myself putting together ensembles now, rather than throwing on clothes. I have thought about accessories more often, and layering with complimentary colors, which is something I wasn’t doing a heck of a lot of before I started focusing on this venture.

My one year anniversary is probably a really poor time to say I’ve been positively awful at taking pictures of my outfits, so yet again there won’t be one in this post. But I did take a trip up the Hudson Valley the weekend before last with a few friends, so after the jump are some pictures (and a quick glimpse at my new pink blazer!)

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color palettes and ‘thropologie

In this post, I’m going to assume you know about the following things, at least in a cursory sort of way: Pinterest and Anthropologie. No need to explain the enigmatic allure of either right? Good.

One thing that I’ve latched on to lately on Pinterest is color palettes. They’re aesthetically pleasing, and helpful for the color-challenged to pick out winning combinations for decorating, fashion, etc. One of the boards I follow is this one: it’s got bold and muted colors, nothing too crazy, and it’s right up my alley.

I decided to use this palette as a jumping off point for yesterday’s outfit. Not exactly the same colors, but the purple/beige element was there…what do you think?

Sidenote: Remember how I said I wanted to take better pictures? Obviously that’s going really terribly…I think I need a new camera. And I need to make sure I take more than one picture where I don’t look bowlegged so I have some choices. Sorry it looks like my elbow blends into my door.

Also, I have a major dilemma (no, it’s not serious, it’s fashion related). The world decided to act in my favor and open an Anthropologie right on the corner near my job. Seriously, this is only the second one in Manhattan.  It opens tomorrow, and I’m hoping to score some good opening-day deals. This is not good for my wallet, guys! I only have $20 left in my budget for February (darn you, pink blazer!). For $20 I can get an apron. Or a bowl. I refuse to raise my budget for the month but I am afraid my resistance will fail me when I’m actually in the store and not online-window-shopping.