the great closet cleanup of 2012

One of my goals this year is to take better care of my clothes. The strange thing is, I don’t feel like I have a lot of clothes, but they’re everywhere.  I have a pretty sizable dresser (thank you, great-grandmother’s furniture, for being so generously sized), and I have a decent closet as well. But no matter how much space I seem to have, it’s never enough.

Last year I cleaned out a bit and moved most of my shoes into underbed storage from The Container Store. That freed up some space in my closet, but that was quickly filled with my pants and skirts. I just can’t win! So today’s mission, as I sat around in pajamas home sick from work, was a massive undertaking: clean out my closet and my dresser. Re-organize, re-fold, get rid of things I haven’t worn. I was almost overzealous enough to consider ironing what needed to be ironed…but that was a little too much.

Before: Ugh

Before: my closet is also home to my handbags, totebags, yet-to-be-used toiletries, extra sheets, etc. So it’s just an all-over mess. Belts are still in pants and they are just spilling over off of the shelf.

Two hours later, I had cleaned the entire thing and ventured into my dresser. I only cleaned one drawer in there (the others are full of bulky sweaters or my large supply of t-shirts), but the one I did clean was then organized by color.

I got rid of a bunch of stuff. Six tops, a sweater and a pair of pants got dropped off at Housing Works. A few things just got thrown out. I moved my bulky coats and jackets into the large closet in our hallway. I don’t use it because I have a closet of my own, but I think there is enough space in there that I can put a few things in, and it freed up a lot of space.

After: Ah!

After: I organized the closet by color too. My toiletries, nail polish accoutrements and things of that nature were put into Victoria’s Secret bags…good thing I had saved so many of them, they were the perfect size! The handbags were neatly placed inside of one another and put in the back, so my laundry basket would no longer teeter precariously over them.

Sidenote: My beau’s supply of clothes that he keeps at my apartment (oh, I didn’t mention that I have a bunch of clothes at his, too? Seriously, where did they call come from?!) went untouched, because of course they were in pristine condition to begin with. I don’t know if mens clothes are just easier to organize or if I should chalk it up to his neatness. Hrm.

In true Cingria fashion, I decided since I got rid of so many things, I could go out and buy something. So I bundled up, dropped off some stuff at Housing Works, and then did a little shopping. I ended up getting this nice little shirtdress from Brooklyn Industries, I can’t wait to wear it! I promise I will try to look less awkward than the model is.


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