clothes i will never be able to buy

My budget for clothes is realistic when paired up with my budget for other things in life: bills, food, fun, etc. But over at J’s Everyday Fashion yesterday, there was a fun discussion going on about “if you had an unlimited budget at any store, which one would you choose?”

I decided to take an alternate approach to this question, and kill two birds with one stone. I save outfits and ideas from the internet all the time, but I never have an appropriate time to post them. In my “About Me” I even say that I’m going to link to clothes I love, even if I don’t buy them, but I realized I never do that. D’Oh!

So I dared to look online at the stores I can’t afford, the clothes that I see in magazines and I wonder “who can actually buy this whole outfit?”. They are clothes I’ll never be able to buy*, and have price tags that would make me fall off my chair if I was seriously considering clicking “Add to Cart”. And I’ve shared my favorites below. Dare I try to start my own discussion? What single item of clothing would you buy in a second if cost didn’t matter?

Trying out the slideshow feature, hooray!

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1.See by Chloe, printed short, $295. I used to love printed shorts and these don’t seem too short, plus they’d go really great with a lot of different colored solid t-shirts.

2. Oscar de la Renta, printed silk a-Line dress, $2290. Oh Bergdorf Goodman, may I one day be able to walk within a block of your store without feeling out of place. I love this dress, I don’t even have anything else to say about it.

3. Christian Loboutin, rosella flat, $525. I wear through my flats way too quickly to spend more than I do already, but these are pretty, basic, and elegant in a strange way.

4. Bottega Veneta, rust karung bag, $4650. So beautiful, so expensive. As a vegetarian I probably shouldn’t be coveting a bag made out of snakeskin, but since I can’t actually buy it I don’t feel as bad. It looks like the perfect size.

5. 3.1 Phillip Lim, leopard sweater, $425 I don’t have a ton of leopard print, but I feel like it’s pretty timeless, right? Especially since it’s not all over this sweater, it’s just on the sleeves.

Sigh. I think I’ll have to make a trip to the thrift store soon, to see if I can find anything fancy at a bargain.

*When I say “never be able to buy”, I mean barring any lottery winnings, huge inheritances from rich relatives I haven’t met yet, or actual multimillion dollar success from the Sophomore Success Program that I plan on putting together after I have acquired my Masters.


2 thoughts on “clothes i will never be able to buy

  1. I’ll take that bag and the a-line dress please. Those are gorgeous! So very, very far over my budget though. I’m the girl that grabs the $5 jeans off the clearance rack at Target. lol

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