my twentytwelve fashion goals

I’ve written previously about how I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, because to me, January 1st is as arbitrary a date as any other.  I like September 1st, and I’m sticking with that.  So when I say I have things I want to improve on (fashion-wise) in 2012, I decided I’d rather call them “goals” than “resolutions”.  Am I resolving to do them?  Sure, but I suppose it’s all semantics anyway.

I have a few fashion goals I want to tackle in 2012.  May this post serve as a point of reference that I can go back to as I check my progress!

  1. Expand my store repertoire. I’ve come to rely a lot on LOFT and Banana Republic. While I love these stores and they’re absolutely my style, I know there are other places out there that fit the bill just as well. I’m looking at you, Zara (your sale section, anyway).  I went to Zara on Friday and picked up two awesome pieces, I’m excited for my next trip (scroll down for the loot).
  2. Stick with a monthly budget for clothes. This worked in September and into October, but with the holidays I lost track of spending on just about everything (not overspending, but no copious notes either). Keeping a budget and a list of things I want to buy will give me focus and allow me to refine my wardrobe.
  3. Accept the fact that it’s okay to shop for trendy pieces sometimes, and at lesser-quality stores. A lot of my favorite fashion blogs do supplement their wardrobe with some basic trendy things from Charlotte Russe and Victoria’s Secret.  If I get a season or two out of them, so what?
  4. Take better pictures (yes, this is blog specific). I know that I said I’m not looking to be professional, but I’m sure I can find a better spot to take outfit photos than in front of my bedroom door. Some of this hesitation is embarrassment at asking others to take photos…maybe this one is on the back burner.
  5. Take better care of my clothes and know when to get rid of them. I have numerous posts featuring items I’ve had forever. While these particular things are in good condition, there are surely items I own that could be gotten rid of. May this be the year that everything is folded neatly, put on hangers, and kept as long as possible without pulls or pills.

So. Zara.  I loved everything about it, except for the woman on line in front of me that had enough plastic surgery for about ten middle-aged women.  The clothes have classic lines, they look pretty solid, and on sale, the prices were more than reasonable!  In the picture below, I bought the red sweater and the (bright) blue pants.  I haven’t ventured into bright pants yet (my cords are more muted colors), so I hope I can pull them off.

I couldn’t find the same pants on their website, but the sweater in different colors is here, and on sale I bought it for a whopping $10 bucks.  One fashion goal is in full swing!


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