outfits with attitude

After a particularly lazy Saturday, I was determined to get outside in the nice weather this weekend. I had never been to the Brooklyn Flea Market, even though I’ve lived here for almost three years, and it seemed like perfect day to do so. I also had a library book to pick up, because I had decided that the best time to jump into a new book was two days before my spring semester starts. Just in case I wasn’t going to have enough reading to do…I picked up two more books while I was there. Two of them are about the history of wine, so I assume they’ll be interesting reads.

Since I had some time to get ready, I knew I was at a fashion cross-roads: I could get dressed and then put on my winter boots and puffy red coat, or I could spice things up a bit. I don’t dislike my puffy red coat, but to me, it feels frumpy. However, it’s the warmest, coziest coat I own, so I practically live in it during the winter. Not this weekend, though! It was so beautiful out, it really did seem like spring.

So I decided to spice it up a bit. I put on my Nancy Spungen jacket, and some fringe-y boots that I’ve had forever but don’t wear to anything remotely professional. Going a step further, I grabbed a fun handbag and some rings. My usual jewelry routine is pretty basic, and I always grab whatever handbag happens to fit what I need. I love this handbag, you can’t tell in the picture but the handle is actually a fake elephant tusk or something, it’s pretty neat (I think I picked it up from Mandee when I was in high school. Ohhh, Mandee.)

I felt confident going outside, and far from frumpy. I know other people have researched the transformative power of the right outfit or pair of shoes, but I very rarely experience that firsthand. Just by wearing a snappy coat and shoes, I felt like a completely different person.

That’s not going to stop me from running around in my puffy red coat later this evening to do laundry and grocery shopping, but on the weekend, it was nice to wear an outfit with attitude.



The tagline of this blog changed from “because a mets t-shirt and jeans won’t cut it anymore” to “put a blazer on it” just a few short weeks ago. I felt I had gotten rid of enough t-shirts that I could consider that ‘mission accomplished’.

However, as I leapt for joy at the Giants winning on Sunday and heading to another Super Bowl, I realized both of the t-shirts I had gotten when they won their last Super Bowl were at my parents house.

The pitfall of attempting to get rid of your t-shirt is that sometimes that’s exactly what you need to wear.