a different kind of christmas list

Most people my age are too old to have big Christmas lists.  We don’t sit in front of the television anymore with a pen and paper, waiting for commercial breaks to check out the new toys.  We don’t have to pencil in a visit to the mall to see Santa Claus, assuming that if he doesn’t get our lists personally, we won’t get what we want.  We don’t prematurely name all of the Barbies we asked for, or anticipate the day after Christmas, when we schedule time to play with all of our new gifts in turn.  But even so, we still have some sort of list, things we want, whether they are tangible gifts or just experiences.

Without further ado, my 20something Christmas list.  I won’t call it a “Grown Up Christmas List’, because there is already one of those and it’s kind of serious.  Although I did request of my family members that they donate to a charity as part of my gift, does that make me pretentious?  Does asking if something makes you pretentious make you pretentious?  How dizzying!

I suppose that was a bit of further ado, but here it is.

  1. To take an awkward Christmas photo with my beau, preferably with ugly sweater
  2. Red corduroy skinny jeans, they look like Santa pants, right?
  3. To consume some amazing holiday cookies (even if I have to make them myself)
  4. To hit up the big Christmas trees in the city without getting trampled
  5. A faux fur vest, because apparently those are in right now and they look comfy
  6. Consume copious amounts of mulled wine and spiked hot chocolate (responsibly, of course)
  7. To go the entire week between Christmas and New Years without hearing the words “student loans”

Did I miss anything?  Do you think faux fur vests are heinous?  Do tell!


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