“you’re a (fashion) wizard, harry”

One of the (many) perks of living in New York City is that there really is always something to do.  If you can’t find something to occupy your time, you must just enjoy sitting at home by yourself.  Most days you can find something pretty great that are free (or cheap) to boot.

Discovery Times Square is neither free nor cheap (not even a “suggested donation” loophole), but their exhibits are unique.  I went there for King Tut last year, and ventured back again for Pompeii this summer. In addition, they had the famous Harry Potter exhibition, which toured a bunch of different cities and contained hundreds of props and costumes from the movies.  As a fan, it was a fun experience to have with others whom I had grown close with thanks to those books (I’m looking at you ladies, Keri and Becca!)

This may seem like a) a digression, or b) an advertisement for the exhibit, but it’s neither.  For one thing, it already closed and (it’s in Australia now, if you want to go).  For another, it gave me a great source of fashion inspiration, which is why I’m talking about it.  No, not the elaborate Yule Ball dresses or Quidditch robes, but something rather simple: Harry’s outfit from the very first movie.  It’s mostly just a spin on the Target uniform of red-polo-and-khakis, but as I was standing there looking at the clothes, I thought, “hey, I have a sweater like that, and khakis too, I can do that!”

Look how cute he is!

I have had this outfit in the back of my mind since August, when we toured the exhibit.  Of course, this outfit was too warm to wear in the summer, so I filed it away until it became weather appropriate.  And now that it’s fashionably acceptable to wear sweaters, I decided that today was the day.  Harry has long sleeves and a scoop neck, and mine is short sleeves and a turtleneck, but that’s okay.  Besides the fact that Harry is a young boy and I’m a 20something female, I think the resemblance is there.  He probably wasn’t wearing gold jewelry either, but I guess if push came to shove, I’d give up my gold jewelry to rock a golden Snitch instead.

Sidenote: This part of the book takes place in June, so at this point I’m questioning why Harry had on a heavy looking sweater.  There must be a heck of a draft in that castle coming from the lake?  I know they couldn’t have had any air conditioners blasting.


4 thoughts on ““you’re a (fashion) wizard, harry”

  1. That’s a great outfit, Cindie! Now I’m really thinking hard about why Harry was wearing a sweater in that part of the book. It never occurred to me before but they really were all dressed like they were about to get a heavy snow storm or something.

    • Thanks! I know, I feel like I need to check the books now to see if JKR made any specific references to their clothing, or if Chris Columbus just took liberties with it!

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