warm weather winter wardrobe

I can officially check the state of Texas off of my list! One more down, probably about 25 more to go, but that’s okay, I’m still young.

One of my favorite parts about being in Austin was that it was beautiful outside! We were able to walk around without a winter coat and it’s accouterments, which was pretty amazing. I wore my blazer when it got a bit cooler, but I was never cold. As someone that has lived in New York all my life, to be outside eating lunch in November was a surreal experience. Listening to Christmas music while wearing short sleeves (outside! two days before Thanksgiving!) really threw me for a loop. So my Austin outfits were an attempt at layering to keep from being too hot or cold. And gosh, I love these flats, they’re so comfortable no matter how much I’m walking in them.

I tried to be as fashionable as possible, even though I didn’t wear the cute dress I brought and didn’t make use of the ironing board and iron in the hotel room. Below is the outfit I wore on the first day, which we spent in a couple of airports and airplanes. But once we got to Austin we went to a great Southwestern restaurant and a few bars. I loved the laid back vibe, there were very few cowboy hats and boots. I had read in a few places that it wasn’t like the rest of Texas at all, and I have to say that I agree! Not that I’ve been elsewhere, but based on what I’ve heard and seen pictures of, it’s different than the rest of the state.

I didn’t get great pictures of a few of my outfits, but I’ll have one other one to post later on in the week. This weekend I’m devoting to catching up on emails and my NaNovel. I was thousands of words ahead, but I didn’t write at all while on vacation, so as of right now I’m actually right on pace to finish, if I can bring myself to get back into the plot. Just a few thousand more words and I’ll be done, but can I do it before the end of the night on November 30th? I hope so!

The rest of November is also devoted to compiling a massive December calendar. I have lots of deadlines and events that need to written down in one place so I don’t lose focus…and so I parcel in some time for gift shopping!  Now that Thanksgiving is over I’ll acknowledge that Christmas is coming, and I’ve got lots of holiday prep to do, eep.


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