hook ’em horns packing list

I’m pretty excited to be heading on vacation this coming Saturday. Four days in Austin, Texas, where right now it appears to be beautifully sunny and in the low 70s!  I didn’t take a vacation this summer, and haven’t left the states of NY/NJ since January, so it’s long overdue. I’m considering trying my hand at documenting what I wear on the trip, almost like a real fashion blogger. So perhaps I’ll do a few posts afterwards about it!

In the meantime, I needed to get things in my suitcase before I even get there.  I’ve never been to Texas, so I wasn’t sure what to pack.  I have some thoughts, if you feel like I’m completely off base, let me know!  I don’t want to show up with all the wrong clothes, I won’t have room in my suitcase or in my budget to buy a whole new wardrobe whilst there!

Beautiful Austin Weather!

The weather looks pretty amazing (although I can’t complain about the weather we’re having in New York City at this point either). Even on Tuesday, there is only a 30% chance of rain, and I’ve read that the rain doesn’t last all that long there?

At any rate, I assume that when I’m looking to fill my suitcase, I should keep the following in mind:

1) I need to pack some layers. You can’t go wrong with layers, right?

2) Based on the temperatures, and assuming we’ll be wandering around after the sun goes down, I’ll at least need a light jacket. This is the part I’m worried about. I don’t want to bring a jacket that’s too heavy for the weather, but I don’t want to be chilly either.

3) I plan on doing a fair amount of walking (we’re not renting a car, so we’ll be walking everywhere), and maybe some really light hiking, so I’ll wear my sneakers on the plane and pack another pair of shoes. Just one pair? Flats? Or maybe some boots too?

4) I want to bring one nice dress with me because whether my beau likes it or not, we’re going out to a fancy dinner! Our anniversary was cut short by an emergency, so I intend on celebrating over some wine and fine Austin dining.

So four days: two pairs of pants, one dress, two sweaters, three shirts, two (or three) pairs of shoes? Assuming I will also be fully clothed on the way to the airport with my outfit for the first day. I will fit all of this into a carry-on with room to spare for souvenirs, take that airline checked baggage fees!

Seriously, I’m kind of excited to fashion-document this trip. I’m going to have to spend some time actually thinking out some fun outfits and maybe (gasp) breaking out the iron when I get to the hotel!


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