style icon: kiernan shipka turns twelve

Wait, did you say twelve?

Well, yes. Today is her twelfth birthday, which is practically thirteen, which is practically an adult. And let’s face it, today’s preteens and young adults are much more mature than they used to be. So really, she’s practically my age…right? She’s a helluva lot more successful than I was at twelve, and than I am now, for that matter.

Why did I pick a little kid as my next style icon? I’ve seen her on a number of red carpets, and while she isn’t necessarily someone to emulate in everyday wear, I would love to wear any of her outfits for a formal occasion. It sounds like she picks out her clothes herself, and I think she’s going to be quite the style maven as she grows up.

If you’re wondering “who is Kiernan Shipka?”, she plays the precocious young daughter of Don and Betty Draper on Mad Men. I don’t want to spoil anything for those that haven’t watched yet (I was accidentally spoiled on what I assume is a major plot point in Dexter yesterday, and while it was no one’s fault, I don’t want to play the role of spoiler for anyone), but she is a great character. And her name in real life? It’s actually Kiernan Shipka, she didn’t even need to change it to something catchy. I’m inclined to think when you have a name like that, it’s meant to be seen in the credits of something Hollywood-produced.

Not convinced yet? In honor of her birthday, below are some of my favorite Kiernan ensembles. If you still doubt after looking at them that she isn’t a style-icon-in-training, well, you’re crazy! Not really, I’d never call anyone crazy for something petty like that, but really, you should just look at the pictures until you’re convinced I’m right.

2010 Emmy Awards

Kung Fu Panda 2 Premiere

2011 Creative Emmys

2011 Primetime Emmys

She can even pull off fashion photo shoots, and doesn’t have to be scandalous to look amazing (I’m looking at you, Miley Cyrus).

Photograph by Mikael Jansson

Sidenote 1/Bonus Link: She did a blog post for Lucky Magazine recently, and it features a slideshow of some of her favorite casual outfits. Girl knows what she’s talking about! My favorite quote? “I love almost any solid colored dress with a peter pan collar.” I may have added that to my must-have list for the next time I go shopping, no big deal. I did just buy my “neutral sweater dress”, so there’s room on the list for something else now!


3 thoughts on “style icon: kiernan shipka turns twelve

  1. Just bought a dress with a peter pan collar from Modcloth last month. Found out it’s about two sizes too small. Not sending it back. Despite it being Thanksgiving and Christmas time. And despite my having a weakness for stuffing.

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