a tale of two coats

The good news is that October came and went, and I came in way under budget!

  • Grey skinny dress pants – $32
  • Burnt sepia (?) top – $6
  • Black flats – $45
  • Bomber jacket – $25

Total bones = $108. Aka $42 under budget, which is good, since I had to spend money on a wig anyway.

Wait, a bomber jacket? Didn’t I say that I was going to use my October money on a warm winter coat that fits into your pocket? Well, yes, I did. But I also needed a jacket for my Halloween costume. My original goal was to go to a thrift store (there are three of them within a four block radius of my apartment), and get a second-hand coat without spending too much money. However, I quickly came to several conclusions:

  1. Thrift stores don’t re-sell pleather jackets (perhaps they’ve never been given any).
  2. Even second-hand, leather jackets are pretty expensive.
  3. A lot of leather jackets are really ugly, or fringe-y, and absolutely not my style.

So after some deliberation, I decided I would buy a new jacket, but I wanted it to be on sale, and I wanted to be able to wear it again to justify the purchase. I was really down to the wire (I was still on the Great Coat Hunt on Friday for my Halloween costume to be worn on Saturday), so in desperation I went into Arden B. I have rarely ever shopped in there, because their dresses don’t cover my non-existent rear and their skin-tight style doesn’t play nice with my rectangular shape. But I figured I’d be okay with a jacket.

I was in luck! They had a purple jacket that was just perfect for my Halloween costume, and was simple enough that I would wear it again on a brisk fall day….well, a weekend day. It’s a little too casual to wear to work, especially when I already draw comparisons to a student semi-regularly. But long story short, buying a new winter coat was downgraded in favor of a Halloween costume.

…when I put it that way, it sounds really impractical. But I do have a winter coat already, I promise! It’s nice and warm and I can certainly get another season out of it. And with the way this weather is going, winter seems to be starting very soon anyway.

If you’re wondering about what my Halloween costume looked like, here I am. My beau is Sid Vicious, and I’m his schizophrenic, toxic girlfriend Nancy Spungen. What a last name. But cute jacket, right?

Stabby stab!


2 thoughts on “a tale of two coats

    • Exactly! I love the look without feeling weighed down…some of the leather jackets I looked at for my costume were so heavy. Who’da thunk that fringe added so much weight to clothes?!

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