conference couture (picture of a bear inside!)

I had the opportunity to go to a conference for work this week. I’m not the biggest financial aid superstar in the world (nor do I want to be), but seeing all of those very passionate people rubbed off on me a little bit. I suppose that while sometimes my job seems monotonous and uninspiring, I have to put it in perspective: I’m helping students get through their education, and hopefully to something better later on. Plus I was able to do some networking, and caught up with some folks I had met at my training earlier this year.

Okay, gushing time over. I noticed that a lot of my colleagues had really terrible taste in clothing. I’m sure most of them didn’t care, but I did see at least one fannypack (seriously), and black socks with brown dress shoes. At first I tried chalking it up to the fact that they live “upstate”, but then I realized that was rude of me! There were plenty of well-dressed people from every region, so I took it back and apologized in my head to anyone I may have had fleeting offensive thoughts about.

Yesterday we had some free time (read: I skipped a session my boss said I didn’t have to go to), so I wandered around Turning Stone, the casino/resort we had the conference at. I just drank in all of the fall colors, it made me really miss having autumnal colors here in the city (besides in advertisements in Dunkin Donuts, that is). There were a lot of “I love the city, no I hate it, no I really do like it” moments as I got to spend a few days away from it.

But, on to the point of this post: I also happened to like the outfit I was wearing yesterday, and wanted to share it. My other outfits weren’t blog-worthy, but I was proud of this one. The dress was simple enough, but I loved how the mustard in the sweater looked with my apple-red nails. I’m not sure if you can see that fine detail in this picture, but I think I pulled off “I-didn’t-iron-my-clothes-and-they-were-stuffed-in-a-carry-on-bag” look, yes?

I took a few other pictures that I figured I would share. I’ve only been to a few casinos, but this one was pretty nice. It helped that it was paid for by work (except for money I lost on the tables), and that I had a great hotel room in which to do homework in (yes, I brought homework with me). My boss took a very Mom-like picture of me and my friends at the banquet, which will not be posted here. Partly because I’m sure I’ll never see it, but mostly because it was embarrassing.

See, I told you there would be a bear in here somewhere!


One thought on “conference couture (picture of a bear inside!)

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