october = my “must-have” month

I felt incredibly accomplished as the clock ticked toward midnight on September 30th. I went the entire month (after my Labor Day spending spree) without buying a single article of clothing. I didn’t open the sale emails delivered to my inbox each day. With the exception of perusing the Uniqlo pop-up store near my office, I didn’t even window shop. Yes, I nearly caught up with my Vogue back issues and found about ten thousand things I want that I can’t afford, but still. I set up a clothing budget for myself and stuck to it.  It felt pretty damn good.

That being said, now that it’s October, I have a new month and a new budget to work with. I decided to set aside this month’s budget for things that I really need. While it was nice buying another cross-body bag and pair of leopard flats last month, I didn’t need them.

Sidenote: I know, I know, when it comes to fashion, you don’t really need anything besides enough clothes to keep you warm or cool or to cover up your indecent parts or to get you through the week between visits to the laundromat. You certainly don’t need fancy clothes or multiple turtlenecks, etc.

So when I say “need”, I mean that I need to replace particular items I already own, but that have seen better days. With one exception, the items I plan on purchasing this month with my budget are going to directly replace things I already own (that will be discarded). My budget to work with this month is $150. We’ll see how that goes!

  1. Black flats. My woes about my squeaky black shoes have already been well documented. They had a good life, but they need to be retired. I’m eyeing these Rocket Dog flats, they’re corduroy but look nice enough to wear to work. Plus, I’ve heard good things about Rocket Dog, in terms of their longevity and comfort. I love living near Atlantic Terminal, where I can just swing by DSW on my way home from work.
  2. Skinny dress pants. This isn’t a direct replacement, per se, but as I’ve started to wear sweaters to work (hello, Autumn!), I realized that the whole flared dress pants with long sweater thing just isn’t working. So for the good of my closet and to maximize the clothes I already have, I feel like a pair of skinny dress pants (grey ones) are necessary.  And they’re cheap, so I don’t feel too badly about buying a pair (or two).

    Hello, skinny dress pants.

  3. If I still have room in my budget, I’m going to spring for a new winter coat from Uniqlo. Their down jackets this year are really lightweight, and you can actually fold them up, stick them in the included pouch, and throw them in your handbag. I’m hesitant because it’s so lightweight, but my winter jacket right now is really bulky and I’d like to phase it out.

Sidenote 2: I’m also buying a baseball glove. Because I’m a lefty, and that means that whenever someone says “lets go throw the ball around, I have extra gloves”, they don’t have one for me. That’s fine, it just gives me an excuse to buy one of my own. And then I can put it under my mattress to break it in! Plus, I have a coupon for Modell’s, and part of the money I spend gets donated back to the Prospect Park Alliance, so I’m really just doing it for charity’s sake.

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