style icon: laura petrie

I grew up watching Nick at Nite, you know, when it was still good. Bewitched, I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeannie, I just couldn’t get enough of those old black and white television shows. I spent my night alone during the recent hurricane watching Get Smart (and loving it*). In my oh so humble opinion, shows like these are way better than most of the garbage on network TV today. Which is fine, thank goodness for DVDs.

This brings me to my style icon for today, Laura Petrie (better known as Mary Tyler Moore’s character in the Dick Van Dyke show). I suppose it says a lot about me and my style that my last icon was also from a television show made several decades ago. As long as I don’t start becoming inspired by the ladies of The Golden Girls, I’m okay with that.

Honestly, look how cute she is. The “Laura Petrie” pants are pretty famous (when I Google searched for her, it suggested I type “pants” after her name), but her style all around is pretty nice. Classic, elegant, sophisticated. I’m not sure exactly what her color palette was, but I wouldn’t put it past her to wear some pretty jazzy color combinations.

My outfit yesterday was a tribute to Laura Petrie. I guess it could also be inspired by Jackie O, as evidenced in this picture with her kids, but who came first? Laura or Jackie? Judging from how old JFK Jr. looks, I’ll say Laura came first, but either way they’re both looking perfect.

Here I am, not nearly as polished or iconic as either of them (but trying to keep in character with my sunglasses too!). The week-long struggle with humidity finally caught up to my hair. The black flats I’m wearing are terribly squeaky now, thanks to their dutiful role as my 2nd-place-rainshoes (in plain terms, the shoes I wear in the rain when my rainboots are at a different apartment than I am). I love them though, so I don’t really want to part with them. At the very least, I can’t buy new shoes until October/tomorrow, since I’m being responsible and sticking to my September clothing budget.

*And loving it is one of Maxwell Smart’s premiere catchphrases. If you’ve never watched Get Smart (or have only seen the terrible Steve Carrell movie), get to it.


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