all knit up and nowhere to go

My job has taught me never to speak in absolutes. In this office, you never hear the words “absolutely” “definitely”, or “certainly” uttered. We’ve all learned the hard way that the minute you say something like that, a student will hold you to it. We like to say “it’s reasonable to assume”, “my best guess”, and “I’m 98% sure” instead, since they’re safer.

Going hand in hand with that, I never claim to be an expert in anything. Sure, I am a hockey buff, and I’ve seen every episode of LOST, but I don’t act as a definitive source. I have a million interests and hobbies, but don’t hold me to anything I deem as fact about any of them. One might interpret that as low self-esteem, but I have a perfectly adequate supply of that. I’ll chalk it up to an adverse effect of my job. At any rate, if I had to rank what I’m ‘proficient’ at in some sort of order, fashion wouldn’t crack the top ten.

So I turn to friends, and every once in awhile, family. I like to get second opinions on things, even if I’m already wearing them and have no opportunity to go home and change. Even if I’m certain that if they have a different opinion than I do, I’ll stick with mine. Who knows, maybe that coworker has a really great idea about what else I can do with my outfit, but if I don’t ask, I’ll never know! That’s your cliche phrase of the day, you’re welcome.

Sidenote: Aforementioned coworker has an interest in fashion and wants to get into the business. I’m not asking a colleague that I feel has no sense of style whatsoever and wears the same sweater three times a week.

What the heck do I do with this?

Case in point: this knit top. I really like it. It’s Calvin Klein. I like the color, it’s comfortable and soft. The cut isn’t even that bad. But for the life of me I cannot figure out what to wear it with. I tried it with wide-leg pants, no go. I wore it with skinny, fitted pants this week, an improvement but also a flop.  It’s a little on the short side to just wear with leggings. I’m not sure what length skirt would look best.

Friends, readers, strangers: do you have any suggestions? I’ve only had it since this past Christmas, it’s in perfect condition and I am determined to find something to match it up with. I can’t even figure out what color goes best: khaki? dark? bright?


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