missoni kills target

Woof indeed.

In case you aren’t all that invested in fashion, you may not have realized that Missoni’s line at Target went on sale yesterday. God help the poor souls that just wanted to go to the store to pick up some shampoo, or check out the DVDs that came out on the Target website. For the first time that I can recall, Target.com is DOA. Broken. I tried periodically over about eight hours to try to get on there. No dice. Not because I’m genuinely interested in buying any of the new clothes (I used up my September clothing budget, remember?), but mostly because I’m curious about it.

Always on the pulse of Brooklyn, Brokelyn was retweeting updates throughout the day from people willing to/crazy enough to brave the crowds at one of the few Targets in the boroughs. As I sat there pondering this, I came to terms with the fact that I’m not as fashionable as I think.

Well, that’s not true. I don’t judge my fashion sense very highly to begin with. However, I do think that in the past year or so I’ve been better at choosing quality brands, striking a fine balance between trendy pieces and classic items. So I feel like I should be really worried that every single freaking piece of Missoni for Target will most likely be sold out already. And that I’ll be missing out. But at the same time, I don’t care enough to go crazy over it.  It’s all the same pattern, just on different things, right?

Mets playoff tickets? Those I’d go crazy for (if they ever qualify for the playoffs again). But not a piece of clothing.  I can probably buy lookalikes somewhere else. Or I can wait a few years and pick up the discarded pieces at thrift stores. Most of the international clothing from Target ends up in those joints anyway.

Sidenote: The website is back up and running today, and from the looks of it, about 1/3 of the Missoni items are already out of stock online.  No word on how quickly they anticipate that these things will be available again, there is simply a link for you to try to find it in a store.  Not even a way for you to add it to your cart in the hopes that it will be in stock again soon, for shame Bullseye.

Sidenote 2: I saw a woman on Monday that really embodied everything I want for my own sports clothes. She had on a simple Jets t-shirt, with a crisp white blazer and white jeans. Her green shoes matched her Jets shirt. She looked classy, put together, and elegant. I wished I could have taken a picture and hung it up for inspiration, but that would be weird.  So today, in her honor, I’m wearing a green top and white blazer, and I think it looks pretty crisp.  There will probably be photographic evidence in the future!


2 thoughts on “missoni kills target

    • I like the housewares, I wouldn’t mind that pattern here or there on a vase or storage cube or something. But it’s just too busy for me to actually wear on my person. Too many zigzags.

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