sports, stacy london, and soapboxes

If you’ve been reading my blog even semi-regularly, you may know that part of the reason I created it, and something I still struggle with, is how to be fashionable while still holding on to my bevy of Mets t-shirts.  I don’t want to get rid of them completely, I just want to be able to:

  1. Not fall back on them as an easy outfit of t-shirt and jeans when I’m feeling uninspired
  2. Wear them to a ballgame but still look moderately sophisticated in the process

Sports jerseys fall into the same category.  There are as many debates about the appropriateness of this apparel as there are professional sports teams.  One can find a myriad of well written articles about the topic, like “Know When You’ve Outgrown the Uniform“, so I’m not going to re-hash what is already well-tread territory.  However, I did want to comment on a particular element of it, particularly women and sports jerseys.

You guys already know how I feel about those too (they should be in team colors, leave the glitter at the door), but I still like them.  And I’m still going to wear them, whether to a sporting event or at a bar to watch a game.  So when I found out via the lovely ladies at Aery’s Sports that What Not to Wear’s Stacy and Clinton put the kibosh on women wearing jerseys, I was annoyed.

Their statements?  That real women don’t wear jerseys, and that men don’t hit on women who wear jerseys.  Well, I just don’t think that’s fair.  For one thing, I don’t get dressed in the morning thinking “well, what can I wear so that men will feel the need to hit on me?”  Quite the contrary to her statement, jerseys are a great conversation starter, for men and women.  Regardless, I don’t think that’s what fashion is about.  For another thing, I don’t consider myself as less of a “real” woman because I wear them (to sporting events!).

(Sidenote: Yes, this picture is from 2009, but that’s beside the point.  See, you can “dress up” jerseys if need be, even though they don’t really need accessories or matching tights).

As someone that is attempting to make my own sports clothing fashionable, I was disheartened to hear that Stacy thought that women and jerseys should be mutually exclusive.  I don’t watch the show (perk of not having cable!), but I assumed that for the most part it was designed to help women dress in clothes that flattered them and also made them feel good.  Perhaps I’m just that far off the mark?

And with that I’ll step off my soapbox.  But Stacy, I can assure you that I am not a figment of anyone’s imagination, I am in fact a real woman and I have an assortment of great jerseys that I can’t wait to wear once hockey season starts.  If men don’t hit on me? So be it, I’m a one-man kinda gal anyway.


One thought on “sports, stacy london, and soapboxes

  1. I think that they aren’t actually sports fans, nor have the been to many games (college or professional), lately. Particularly at football games,women wear the jerseys. It’s a sign of being a true fan. I’m not in any way looking, but it’s actually a turn on for guys. Plenty of times I’ve been talked to (even marveled at for my sport’s knowledge). Just don’t go to a game with Jackie if you want to win the women who can talk sports discussion. She always kills! 😉 Guy’s like a girl who “gets it”. I find it annoying that these women judge something they likely don’t understand.

    Also, jerseys look cute! Great article, Cinds! The current trend for football games out here is black leggings with boots. 🙂

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