changing one’s stripes

On Friday I woke up and checked the weather as I usually do, trying to figure out what I wanted to wear.  I was in a major rut, I couldn’t think of anything.  Even perusing my closet and opening a few drawers of my dresser didn’t give me that ‘aha’ moment I was looking for.  It was my first Friday at work since our summer hours had ended, I knew I was going to need a great outfit in order to shake the feeling of “I shouldn’t even have to go into work today!” (yes, I’m spoiled and have summer Fridays, sue me).

I have a strict schedule in the morning, and I was running out of time to put something together.  In a moment of desperation, I pulled out a pair of black pants that are a little baggy, a pair that I never find just the right top to couple them with.

Sidenote: Is the word “pants” singular or plural?  I mean, of course it’s only one pair of pants, but should I be saying “pairing it with” or “pairing them with”?  Grammar police, can I get some help here?

In my growing ability to understand Fashion 101, I knew that I needed to pick out a more fitted top to go with these baggy-waggy pants (they aren’t that bad, but they’re a little flared and would probably be great high-waisted if they fit a little higher).  I took out a striped top, but it’s a little see-through and I didn’t want to wear another layer underneath it.  Voila, to my rescue came another striped top, a vest, a black one.  It had different stripes than the white striped top I wanted to wear underneath it, but I just went for it anyway.

Matching stripes with stripes?  Done.  If the world of fashion was a Foursquare-like app, I absolutely would have earned a badge for it.  It would probably be a zebra with a striped sweater, and it would probably say “duh, you should have done this ages ago, it’s so basic!”.  But that’s okay, I’m doing it now.

I threw on my bright pink flats for a pop of color.  Honestly?  It was my favorite outfit last week.  A major barrier has been torn out on my pursuit of fashionista-dom: when I think I’m going to have to settle for a meh sort of outfit because my creativity is fried, I can still come out with a winner of an ensemble.  And Friday ended up not being so bad after all.


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