saks joins the flashsale frenzy

The lovely ladies at The Budget Fashionista posted about SAKS FASHIONfix, the new flash sale site brought to you by (shock) Saks Fifth Ave.  I don’t shop there very often (I don’t really have the money to), but who am I to resist signing up for yet another online sample sale service?  I figured that at the very least, as someone trying to break into the realm of being fashionable, I should check it out.  So I did.

For the time being, I’m not impressed.  It has potential, but there are a bunch of things I think need to be fixed before it becomes a destination I go to every day, like Gilt or HauteLook:

  1. They have two sales going on right now.  One is a general shoe event, the other is Elizabeth and James (Mary-Kate and Ashley’s line).  They have some impressive brands, but even today they’re only putting up one more.  I feel like a fourth or fifth sale would round it out nicely.
  2. There is no way to sort or filter the results.  At all.  As you can see from the screenshot, they list what is sold out first, which is counter-intuitive.  There isn’t a way to sort by size or popularity either.  And in terms of filtering, the inability to filter by size is a major flaw.  I don’t want to click through four or five items I really like only to find that none of them are available in my size anymore.
FASHIONfix does have some good things going for it though, and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t focus at least a little bit on the positives:
  1. It’s visually appealing.  Lots of white space, it shows off the products well.
  2. When you hover over an item, the picture flashes from the front/standard view to the back.  It’s an easy way to get a quick look at all angles without having to make any extra clicks.
  3. If a model is wearing more than one item, they link to both from the same picture.
Overall, I think they have to work on a few things before it’s a go-to destination for flash sales.  I haven’t gotten my first email from them yet (besides the “thanks for registering”), nor am I really sure if I signed up for email notifications.  It’s been more than 24 hours so I’ll say I didn’t.  Either way, I think I’ll give it a few weeks before I head back.  I haven’t seen Elizabeth and James on any other flash-sites though, so if they keep up with brands like that (and being Saks, I’m sure they will), I will begrudgingly return sooner than my resistance would like to allow.

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