one-trick pony (poll inside!)

In case I don’t know you personally, and you haven’t garnered it from my posts yet: I’m a semi-busy person with varied interests.  I love sports, food, books, wine, experiencing New York City to it’s fullest, being a student, and so many other things in between.  Right now I’m in the middle of three books, figuring out a menu for my possible future business endeavor, trying to stay abreast of developments in higher education, and scrapbooking my years at a slow-and-steady pace.

I have been grappling with my decision to bring these other interests into this blog.  Some of my favorite blogs are multi-faceted: I love scrapbooking blogs where people share their favorite recipes, or fashion blogs that feature photographs from recent vacations.  I like to think my Google Reader is filled with interesting people, I just always assume that my own life isn’t going to be nearly as interesting when it’s put in blog format.

So as part of my indecisiveness, I figured I would bring it to my “readers”.  Please help me by answering this poll!  You don’t even have to comment, it will take you approximately a minute and I’d really appreciate the feedback.  Thanks, friends and strangers!


For your information, if I decide to branch out a bit, I wouldn’t more than, say, 30% content other than what I’m already doing.  And posts would be anything from recipes, book recommendations, a musing here and there about higher education or sports (but no venting), or photographs from excursions.


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