nyc summers are fashionably difficult

It’s a depressing thought, but “summer” is almost over for me.  My summer hours went into effect at the end of May, which is one of the perks of working in higher education.  However, next week is the last of my four-day, extended-hour workweeks, and then it’s back to the actual nine-to-five again.  Some of our students start moving in right after that, so I really feel as though summer is wrapping up.  Again, depressing.

Despite the fact that my summer is nearing its end, the sunshine and humidity just aren’t backing down here in the greatest city in the world.  It’s been hot, and muggy, and sticky.  I am incredibly thankful to be working in an office with air conditioning, but that often puts me in a situation that many New Yorkers face: constant temperature-change assault.

A typical day for me includes fluctuating temperatures as follows:

  1. Wake up in a non-air conditioned house, get ready in mild heat
  2. Walk the 10/15 minute walk to the subway (I’ve got to catch that express train!) in the extreme heat.
  3. Stand on the steamy subway platform for awhile as my face melts off and I’m wishing I could re-apply my deodorant right out in public.
  4. Get in a freezing subway car (which is always freezing, even if it’s crowded, until it’s not freezing because the A/C is certifiably broken).
  5. Walk to work, face melts again, deodorant starts creeping out of my pocketbook of it’s own accord.
  6. Air conditioned workday!  I sit outside for lunch just to get some sun, since I work in the basement lower level.
  7. Turn around to go home (hot walk to the subway, hot platform, freezing subway, hot walk home to non air-conditioned apartment).
  8. As a bonus, sometimes I take a break by going to a freezing cold bar or coffee joint between steps six and seven.

In short, it’s a real fashion dilemma.  Do I dress with an extra layer to keep me from turning into an icicle at my desk?  Or do I sprout a layer of semi-permanent goosebumps at work so I can bear the intense heat everywhere else?  A true conundrum.  And bringing a bag with extra articles of clothing, while not unheard of, just isn’t convenient.  I end up wearing light scarves that turn into makeshift shawls at work, but then I feel like a frump, not a fashionista.

…and because this post feels bare without a picture, I’ll share my current obsession: the J Crew fall catalog.  J Crew, at regular price, is completely out of my range.  However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t positively drool over almost everything in the new catalog.  I might be able to work with this look and find comparable (read: cheaper, but still nice) things to imitate it instead.  I think that working with outfit inspiration is a skill I still need to work on….perhaps I’ll use this one as a testing ground!  Personal challenge time: this outfit costs $824 in J Crew world, I wonder how much less I can spend.  Hrm…


One thought on “nyc summers are fashionably difficult

  1. I can 100% relate to this. Back in my suit-wearin’ days, I would arrive at work as if I had ran there (ew). I have to say the wintertime is tough, though, too – overheated apt. to cold street to hot subway (usually) etc. etc. etc. Basically, dressing for NYC weather is a challenge!!

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