belt-ing it from the rooftops

For the majority of my young life, I simply viewed belts as devices used to hold up your pants.  Or skirt.  I had black ones and brown ones and most of the time they were then hidden by the top I was wearing anyway. They were purely functional, never fashionable.  And certainly not something to be worn with an outfit that didn’t even contain belt loops.  What’s the point in wearing a belt if you aren’t going to weave it through the loops of fabric that were specifically designed for them?  Nonsense.

However, I have recently changed my tune. In a big way. Maybe it’s because I’ve been wearing higher-waisted pants, or maybe it’s because I’m becoming more attuned to what’s in style (I’ll just go with the latter).  Lately I’ve been finding myself wearing belts over skirts, and over pants that have belt-loops but ones that certainly don’t need a belt to hold them up. What a fashion 180!

I have my favorite wide belt that I wear as a good transition between my shirt and skirt, if I’m wearing the shirt tucked in.  But I really just can’t get enough of skinny belts.  I only have two so far, but I’m itching to get some more.  My practical brain is unwilling to purchase additional belts for the sole purpose of being an accessory, but seeing as I haven’t bought any new shoes or jewelry recently I think I can justify it in my own mind.

My love of skinny belts started with a sale (of course).  I bought this belt in two colors, which are both now out of stock: hunter green and sand.  I’m considering buying the plum one now too, though!  I’m also now tempted to check out what else they have on sale. Must. Resist.

Now I’m on the hunt for some other skinny belts…I may have to raid my closet at my parent’s house, because I’m pretty sure I have a black patent leather one that came with a suit I used to wear. Score!  Black, green and tan…next I think I need a nice, right yellow one.  Yes, yellow.  And maybe pink.  And maybe every other color under the sun.

This red one from White House Black Market is actually reversible, it’s plain black on the other side. Two belts in one is something I can handle!

This belt from the Gap has a zipper inset, which is fun.  Not sure if I have enough gold accessories to match with it, but if it was in silver I would jump on it.  Who am I kidding, I’ll probably jump on it anyway.

In my preliminary research, apparently pink and yellow are hard to come by.  I will take that as a personal challenge (and will keep you updated on the progress of my hunt).  However, I did see this beautiful Michael Kors belt in orange, which is now sitting in my virtual shopping bag waiting for me to get up the nerve to buy it. Good thing belts have so many holes, I don’t have to be as picky about sizes!  I’ve never gotten another hole professionally added to a belt, but now that I’m trying to be sophisticated and classy, maybe I’ll spring for it if necessary.

Sidenote: I submitted an “application” to be a guest blogger on J’s Everyday Fashion while she’s on vacation. Apparently this whole blogging thing has really grabbed hold of me, I’m almost anxious awaiting the “results” of her search!


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