stealing from the sterling cooper closet

I could write entire posts about Mad Men and fashion, and I’m not even that well-versed on the subject.  The style icon that is Joan Holloway, and how her wardrobe is so empowering to curvy girls. The evolving style of Peggy Olson, who’s outfits fit her transition from frumpy secretary to a powerhouse player in the office. The outfits donned (no pun intended!) by Sal, a character that ranged from married man to ambiguous to “openly” gay (or at least, open for the audience to see).

But this post isn’t about that. I’ll be honest: this post serves the primary purpose of keeping this blog active while I’m amazingly busy at work and barely have time to check my work voicemails, let alone anything else. After work and weekends haven’t been any less hectic. Plus, I haven’t bought any clothes recently. That being said, why can’t a filler post have a bunch of amazingly covetable outfits?

Banana Republic is releasing a second season of their Mad Men Collection in the next few weeks. Gilt Groupe had some of the pieces on their website starting yesterday.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t take a peek, but right now they’re just not in my budget.  Hopefully once they’re in stores some of them will end up on the sale racks?  I doubt it, but a girl can dream!

Look at how wonderful these clothes are though!  I love this light leopard-print cardigan, and they have the scarf up for grabs as well.

This dress is sold out on Gilt already, probably because it’s the perfect dress for all of your Mad Men themed parties.  Can’t you just see Joan wearing this?

Speaking of Mad Men themed parties, I hosted one last year with my housemates.  If I could find a good picture of my ensemble (I was Trudy, my beau was Pete, because they’re my favorite characters), I’d post it. But alas, apparently the photogenic gods were not on my side that night. However, it was delightful and I may just have to throw another one, especially if I can get my hands on some of these new Banana Republic clothes!


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