fashion at field level

Part of the reason I decided to upgrade my sense of fashion is because I love the ease of jumping into a t-shirt and jeans and calling it a day, no matter how plain jane that is.  I have a ton of t-shirts, most of them feature my favorite sports teams (NY Mets, NY Giants, Colorado Avalanche). I’m pretty sure that if I wanted to, I could wear a different t-shirt every day for a month, maybe two, without repeats.  My collection has slimmed down since most of them remained at my parents house, but still.  A bevy of t-shirts is no way for a burgeoning fashionista to fill her dresser drawers (can I even imply that I’m fashionable yet, or is that a faux pas?).

Sidenote: The word “drawer” is pronounced “draw” (dr-awh), end of story.  That’s one of the few words left from my Long Island accent.  I’m not proud of it, but it’s impossible to shake.

I knew the ultimate test of my 2.0 experiment would be to attend a Mets game, where a t-shirt and jeans is perfectly acceptable, even expected.  There are variations of the style:

  1. Baggy waggy pants with an XL t-shirt, most commonly seen on large men, or teens trying to be gangster
  2. Skin tight t’s with equally tight jeans, chosen by women that go to the game to flaunt their assets rather than their team spirit
  3. Vintage shirts from players that haven’t played in 20 years (and weren’t all-stars to begin with), chosen by men that are unwilling to give up their favorite player from the days of yore and by even a generic, no-name-on-the-back t-shirt

The list goes on.

So my challenge is to try to put my own spin on the t-shirt and jeans, without falling into these categories.  For example, I wouldn’t be caught in a top from Alyssa Milano’s Met store, or worse, the PINK collection:

Spoiler: No one is meeting you in the dugout.

I went to the Mets game last night, and it was the first one I’d been to this year where I wasn’t going directly from work.  Needing to stay in work clothes was a lame excuse, but it was a good one for why I hadn’t met the challenge yet.  No such escape route this time.

After much deliberation (but not actual outfit changes, mind you, being fashionable for a Mets game isn’t that important), I decided to put this little number together.

This picture was not taken at Citifield, but rather at High Line Park.  We went there before the game to check out the newer section that opened recently!  I don’t think it looks so bad.  A touch of sophistication, but when you break it down, it’s just the standard t-shirt/jeans with a few extra accessories.  Did I meet the challenge?

I hope so, because look who showed up on CitiVision, the ginormous screen above the outfield…this girl!  I was quick enough with the camera to snap this terrible shot, but I was just hoping for the best.  Not so bad!


One thought on “fashion at field level

  1. So glad you stopped by my blog! I’m glad I’m not the only one who wouldn’t be caught dead in Pink or Touch tshirts. Tacky! (Also, does Pink not realize that there are no designated hitters (or, for that matter, kissers) in the NL?!)

    let’s go mets! 🙂

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