solids and liquidity

I had the perfect storm of factors involved in last week’s mini shopping-spree.  My lunch buddy was out of the office, so I had some lunch time to burn (and had heard about a few sales).  I got paid and got my tuition reimbursement from work.  Yes, most of that is going towards next semester’s tuition but I think I worked hard enough this spring to splurge a little.  I say “mini” shopping spree, because it was seriously mini, only two stores.  But I came out of both with a sales receipt and a shopping bag, whee!

First stop, Banana Republic.  I went straight to the sale section.  The sale section at the store near me is huge and has clothes for the current season.  I don’t have to rifle through sweaters in June and tank tops in December.  So I bought a ruffle top (you’ll see it if you scroll down), and a pair of linen shorts with a tie waist.  Yessirree, I can check another item off of my Five Essentials List.  That does mean I need to put something else on it though, hrm.

On Friday I went to The Loft with my beau so he could buy his sister a gift card.  I guess that meant I had to buy something, right?  So I did, but both things were on sale (again) so I didn’t feel too guilty.  Beau is usually a pretty good money meter for me (“do you really think you need that?”) and he approved of the purchases so that must mean they’re okay.  I got this dress (that I ended up wearing yesterday) and this top (which I wore Saturday).  In case it wasn’t evident, I like wearing new clothes right away.

That’s the “liquidity” part of my title, so on to the solids.  Lately I’ve been on a kick where my outfits consist solely of solid colors.  I’m enjoying it because I can pair some of my less conventional colors (pink pants, for example) with a top that isn’t black or white.  It really opens my clothing options up!  The outfit I’m wearing today is an example.  I’ve got my new ruffle-y tank top on with my army green pants.  Even my seafoam green nail polish matches the color scheme.  I’m definitely feeling more comfortable with making color choices that I wouldn’t have been making a few months ago, and wearing the clothes with confidence.

Sidenote: Insert typical excuse for poor quality photo here.

Sidenote 2:  My subconscious drew me to this top whilst at the store, apparently, because just a few weeks ago J from J’s Everyday Fashion posted an outfit that I absolutely loved, and the top she linked to as a similar one to her own is the same one I bought.  One never has enough electric lime.

Sidenote 3: I partook in a housewarming extravaganza yesterday and made some sangria.  Much to my happiness, it was dubbed “Cingria”.  I thought it was delicious, I hope others did too.


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