dress my best, ten years later

Obligatory quick recap: Participating in AcademiChic’s Dress Your Best week.  It ended last week but I was about half a week behind, so this post is actually right on schedule. Albeit my own belated schedule.

I’m taking this “Dress Your Best” thing in a slightly different direction.  One of my assets (if you can call it that), is that my figure hasn’t really changed in the last 8-10 years.  And seeing as I’m only 24, that means I’ve looked pretty similar since I was 14.  I’m not particularly well endowed, which I’m more than okay with.  I weigh nearly the same as I did in high school, which is impressive considering that I lived on dining hall food for a few years (I think I can thank my switch to vegetarianism for that one).  I haven’t gotten any taller, or thankfully, wider.

Today I’m strutting my stuff in a dress that I’ve owned since…I don’t remember.  However, I do know that I have had it since before I got my contacts, which was freshman year of high school.  To prove this, I’m about to show you a really embarrassing picture of myself from many summers ago (August of 2001) alongside me wearing the dress today.  Please, my hair in both looks awful.  The “today” picture I can blame on humidity…the “before” picture I suppose I can just blame on being an awkward teen.

From a Cingria 2.0 standpoint, this is a true staple for me, a lasting piece.  It’s a nice cut, and I get compliments on it every time I wear it, so I think it’s still going strong.  It has retained its colors, probably because I don’t wear it a heckuva lot and don’t need to wash it frequently.  Skeptics may be concerned that I haven’t removed it from my rotation after a decade of use, but it’s not really out of style.  It’s just summery!

You be the judge, it doesn’t look so bad on me today, right?  I was going to accompany it with pearl earrings, to try to make is a little sophisticated, but I dropped my earring back under my dresser and didn’t have time to find it, sigh.

So that’s my asset…being able to wear the same clothes I wore in high school and still having them fit the same way.  I just wish the rest of the things I owned back then were nice enough to keep, but those t-shirts I stenciled myself and my bellbottoms just didn’t hold up as well.

Sidenote: Bellbottoms shows up as being misspelled.  I thought it was a compound word..what is it? Bell-bottoms? Bell bottoms?  Interesting!


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