showing off the gams

As part of Dress Your Best, I decided that my “asset” most easily shown off would be my legs.  Although I suppose in the summertime, my wrists are ever-present anyway.  So they don’t really count.  And what’s the best way to show off your legs? Dresses!

I’ve worn a dress almost every day these last few weeks.  I’ve come to a few realizations: 1) I have more dresses than I thought, although I always seem to want another one (“But I don’t have a peachy color dress yet!”).  2) I almost forget what it’s like to put on pants.  That sentence out of context would seem silly, but really.  I just love being able to slip on a dress in the morning.  It’s quick, simple, and can be dolled up in any number of ways.

My camera actually documented some of these dresses (a shock, right?), so below are some photos.  Disclaimer: The disadvantage of not having someone take pictures for you is that you end up with shots in the mirror.  My room is small and my full-length mirror, which rests on the floor, can only be tilted so much before gravity wins and it slips.  Therefore my legs may look even more leggy than usual.  I do have pretty long legs (I used to get a cheap thrill out of standing next to my dad: he’s about four inches taller than me but our legs are the same length), but things in the mirror may not be exactly as they appear.

That being said, here we go!

It took me a really long time to find a shirtdress that I liked.  I went to one of my favorite thrift stores, Beacon’s Closet, originally to buy something for my sister.  I walked out with this number instead.  Steven Alan, 2o bucks.  I was so excited I had to wear it the next day.  This picture was not taken in a mirror (duh), it was taken in the Washington Mews, a picturesque little alley near Washington Square Park that I past while pretending to be a tourist.

Aha, the mirror pictures.  I hope I’m not performing a major fashion-blog faux pas by doing this!  I brought this black dress back from my closet at my parent’s house (after my black dress that I loved somehow got bleach all over it in a bar bathroom…ugh).  This one has a light pinstripe to it, but in a true 2.0 spirit, I decided to mix patterns!  The scarf is a faint leopard print.  My office is freezing cold throughout the summer so it kept me comfortable.

This one is really small, oh no!  This is the outfit I’m wearing today, I felt like a real professional running to my computer and trying to upload my picture while I was applying makeup and getting ready to leave my apartment.  Except apparently I should have spent an extra minute checking the dimensions when I uploaded it!  Well, you live, you learn.  H&M has simple summer dresses that are light-weight but aren’t see through.  Yes, this is a halter, but with a sweater over it I can still get away with it in my semi-casual office.  And I can take the sweater off for happy hour tonight, which means hello collarbone, there is another dress your best asset right there!

I would really love it if the weather stayed like this for a few months, instead of getting oppressively hot and muggy.  Does anyone think they can make that happen for me?


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