up a creek

I kind of want to check out Coldwater Creek’s 70% off sale.

Hear me out, you brutal world of fashion, where first impressions are made and can’t be broken very easily.  I know Coldwater Creek has a reputation of being for older women.  Or women that live on ranches.  Or maybe schoolmarms.  However it’s viewed, it’s not seen as an “acceptable” store for my demographic.  Perhaps I’m being cocky, but I would consider said demographic to be “20-something metropolitan working woman”.   It sounds lofty and very unlike me, but that’s what I am.  And 20-something metropolitan working women just don’t shop at Coldwater Creek.

Luckily for me I work just a few blocks away from one of their stores, so I got to stare at a few dresses in their window.  I perused the sale section online to see if it was worth stopping in after work.  Guys, guys!  They have nice stuff!  Sure, they’ve got fringe vests and skirts that hide all of your assets.  I won’t be buying those (I’m trying to dress my best, after all).  But some of their dresses are really cute.  And wearable.  

(Sidenote:  I ventured into the world of Coldwater Creek once, the actual store, almost two years ago.  I had a coupon since I’d done a charity walk for breast cancer that they sponsored.  I was the youngest person in there by at least ten years but I bought some nice jewelry and scarves.  And I still get complemented when I wear them, so there.)

Please humor me for a moment.  I’m going to give some highlights from their amazing dress section.  And there are even still some left in my sizes, I think.  I hope.

A polo dress!  Maria Sharapova would wear that, right?

A safari shirt dress!  This screams “spin around in a circle in the middle of Central Park” not “spinster”!

I am inclined to think that a lot of the stuff I’ve been looking at on their website would be perfectly acceptable if people didn’t know where I bought it.  If I bought the second dress at Forever 21 it would be okay (but it would fall apart after one season anyway).  But if they ask (and I do in fact buy one or both or about ten others) I’ll definitely say where I bought them, because who the heck cares?

Ok, I’ve gone and convinced myself.  I’m going after work.  I got paid today, after all…and I passed up a few really cute dresses on ModCloth yesterday.  Particularly this one.  Which I’m still kind of hoping is in stock, in my size, next week, when my resistance isn’t as strong.


One thought on “up a creek

  1. Confession: I have a secret love for Chico’s jewelry selection and I own more than a few pieces from Talbot’s. If it works, who cares where it’s from!?!

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