dress your best week!

The time has come for me to participate in a fashion challenge!  Heck yes, now I really feel like a legitimate blogger, joining in on discussions and fun things.  My first challenge, how exciting!

I’ve been following the lovely ladies at AcademiChic for some time now, and I just love their style.  Yes, a few of them are now wearing maternity clothes, but they’re still fashionable!   I was drawn to their site because their outfits are practical attire for my workplace, but they’re also nice enough to wear to go out after work, or on weekends, etc.  And since they’re either working in education or pursuing their terminal degrees, they’re inspiring to boot.

Their challenge is “Dress Your Best 2011“, and I’ll let their eloquent words describe it much better than I would:

[We] often focus on minimizing parts of our bodies or downplaying characteristics that we don’t like or feel self conscious about. Do my thighs look big in these shorts? Does this shirt show my wobbly arms? Do these jeans make me look short? Does that swimsuit conceal my midsection? In order to bend our minds in another direction, we are purposely setting out to get dressed with the intent of to showing off our best – big or small chests, eyes, hips, lips, legs, arms, freckles, you name it – rather than minimizing our worry spots.

It started yesterday and goes for two weeks.  I think I can handle that!  I’m a day late, but who cares?

My list of body parts I’m willing looking forward to showing off:

  1. My legs (they’re long!)
  2. My height (in general!)
  3. My wrists (they’re small!)
  4. My feet (my toes are all straight and proportional!)
  5. My collarbone (you’d never know I fractured it in pre-school!)
I’m aiming to do one work outfit and one casual outfit.  And this time I have no choice but to post pictures, so I hope you’re all ready to see me show off my assets!

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