love a good theme party

Long time no post!  Yes, it’s been quite awhile.

I was away for work last week, living in a freshman dorm and using a community bathroom.  Lovely.  One “perk” was that I had my own room, and so I was able to lay all of my clothes out on the other bed, dresser, and desk.  It was the truly lazy way to attempt de-wrinkling without actually ironing.  I was allowed to wear casual clothes all week, which was quite nice.  Nothing amazing or 2.0-worthy to speak of, although I don’t think I looked altogether too awful as a result of my regression back to dorm life.

But I’m back!  I’m pretty proud of my outfits this week so I’ll surely be recreating them and taking pictures.  Something to look forward to!  I got used to picking out my clothes the night before last week, it gave me an extra five minutes to sleep in.  So this week I tried doing that again, at least for a day or two.  Wayyyy back in the day in my old apartment I used to pick out my clothes and hang them on the closet the night before.  My beau was even nice enough to put a hook on the closet door so I could hang them and still close the closet (instead of that awkward hanger jutting out from between the closet doors).  But I’d gotten away from that…and after a week I’ve abandoned it again.

However!  I tried really hard to go back to my office with a bang.  They hadn’t seen me in a week, I better look good!  And as I got dressed over the last few days, I realized I had a few themes evolving (hence the title of my post).

Monday:  Army fatigue time!  But in a business casual way.  I wore my green Dockers that started it all, with a black top tucked in and my skinny suede belt.  (Sidenote: Be prepared for a post where I just gush about how amazing belts are and how I’m an idiot for taking so long to utilize them fashionably).  It did look army-ish, I promise.  Like I said, I’ll show you pictures and you can be the judge.

Tuesday: Meh, I guess I didn’t theme it up all week.

Wednesday: Neapolitan ice cream, yum.  White skirt that I’ve had since tenth grade (I kid you not, but it’s still pristine and is a perfect length for work) with a black tank top and a pink sweater over it.  I really did look like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Thursday:  Seventies time!  I have a pair of black dress pants that are a little baggy, and I never felt they looked right.  Today, instead of wearing a shirt that covered up the top, I tucked in a black and white shirt and wore a (different colored) skinny belt to tie it together.  Between the bellbottoms and the high-waist, I think it’s a bit throwback.

I think my favorite part of my outfits this week was that they were a little out there, but I felt 100% comfortable rocking them.  Whether that was poor judgment on my part or the beginning of a new confidence in being “fashionable” it yet to be seen.  Hopefully the latter!

P.S. I got my dress and watch in the mail, so glad I made the decision to buy them.  I’ll need a slip for the dress and a few links removed from the watch, but all in all, a really good investment!

P.P.S. I really do love a good theme party.  You should see my photo albums from college.  Toga, toga!


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