that’s haute

Guys guys guys. I know I said I wouldn’t buy anything else for a little while because I have so many other things going on.  But I honestly couldn’t pass up Wednesday’s HauteLook email.  I bought two things.   Two!

In order to prevent myself from being this spontaneous again in the near future, I’ve fixed up my Gmail to re-route any emails about sales, clothes, and fashion directly into my “Read Mail”, so I don’t see it.  If it doesn’t hit my inbox, I won’t be tempted, right?

I’m usually very responsible with my money, so I then spend a lot of time justifying these sorts of decisions.

Justification 1:  I got paid this week.

Justification 2:  With the exception of last week’s shoes, I hadn’t bought an article of clothing for more than $20 in a while.

Justification 3:  I got two seriously good deals.  I’m sure this is where the argument of “I saved a ton” vs. “no you didn’t because if they weren’t on sale you wouldn’t have bought them” comes into play.  But still.

Justification 4 (bonus!):  I did start coveting a new watch after I saw all these fashionista bloggers accenting their outfits with them.  And I already said I needed a fun, bright dress.

BCBGeneration dress, yay.
Lucien Piccard watch. Swarovski crystals.

I only spent $65.00 total.  Including shipping.  How could I not just go for it?  The only downside is that they aren’t expected to arrive until 06/10.  This is a decent amount of time, so I just hope that by the time I get them in the mail I’m not experiencing buyer’s remorse.  It’s been two days and I’m still feelin’ good, so I think I’ll be okay.


2 thoughts on “that’s haute

  1. Watches are so in right now, and I can’t freaking find one that doesn’t look COMPLETELY ridiculous on me. Frankly, you did very well! You’re better than me with coupons. Although I’ve recently realized that shopping at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, or Ross doesn’t make me a hick, so I go there at least twice a week, mostly for homegoods, and that’s a whole ‘nother dangerous territory.

    You did good, kid. Wear it to our meet up!

    • Thanks love! I had a two-tone watch for YEARS so I’m hoping this one fits just as well…if not, I figure if it’s a little big it’s still fashionable!

      I love Marshall’s. I don’t go all that often because the one near me is a zoo, but they have such good deals! Not hick-ish at all :)..

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