bye camel, hello whiskey

I know I said I was going to buy something next week, after I’ve handed in my last paper and my semester is really, truly over.  But I’ve learned the hard way that when you see something on a site like Gilt, you need to jump on it.  The nice thing about Gilt is that they recently revamped their return and shipping procedures.  Shipping is cheaper, and if you don’t like what you bought, you can return it with no penalty (a la Rue La La, if you get a credit to the site, you don’t even need to pay return shipping).

So yesterday I bit the bullet.  I jumped on a good deal after some advice from my student worker (I love having people around that can justify my purchases).  These shoes aren’t quite camel, but I think they’re close enough to fit the criteria I was looking for.  They’re leather, and ever since I got a really great pair of Seychelles fo free, I’ve really been on the lookout for more from that brand.

Cute, right?  I can wear them to brunch, to work, or even to a nice evening out.  They’re not sky high, definitely manageable without delving back into my usual MO (keeping my heels at work and wearing flats for the commute).  And they’re a neutral enough color that I can wear them with whatever I was going to wear those camel colored shoes with anyway.

Bonus: They’re called “whiskey”, which sounds cool.

Bonus 2: They won’t be delivered until early next week, so technically I won’t get to enjoy them until after I’m done with school, so technically I’m not breaking my own rule.


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