big brains, big bucks

I bought a few pashmina scarves at the street fair near my apartment this weekend, but with this exception my clothes purchases have been sorely lacking.  As the nicer weather approaches, and my Summer Fridays come nearer (yes, I get a four day work week, be jealous), I know that I need to make smart budgeting decisions.  I’ll be spending less on clothes in the next few months for several reasons:

  1. My friends like to drink and go out during the summer, who doesn’t?  My money will be going to sangria al fresco, not to cute sandals to wear whilst drinking the sangria.
  2. I’m not taking a week-long vacation, but I am going to Atlantic City, Pittsburgh, and either Washington D.C. or Boston.  No flights involved, but still, they won’t exactly be cheap.  I’m also going to SUNY Brockport for work…how thrilling.
  3. I have a lot of summer dresses, and light clothing.  In terms of re-stocking my wardrobe for the summer, I can look nice without resorting to t-shirts.  I’m still looking for nice seersucker shorts, but that’s about it.
That being said, I intend on buying something nice soon.  Why?  Because I finished my first year of grad school!  I’m only going part time, so I’ve got another 3 semesters to go, but I still feel accomplished.  I technically have one more paper due, but all I have to do is edit it and email it in.  Classes are over.  For a few months, my twice-weekly days of being in Manhattan from 9AM-8:30PM will cease to exist (unless of course, I’m going out with friends, which doesn’t count).  In any case, I deserve a splurge, I think.
I just don’t know what to get.  I’m debating between a few things, and I’m going to assume that my ultimate decision will come down to the perfect storm of price, availability, and sheer impulse.  I’m deciding in between:
  • Camel colored pumps: possibly patent-leather.  Not too high so that I can’t wear them around town, but high enough to give some definition to my gams.
  • Bright blazer: yeah, still looking for that one.
  • A bright, solid color summer dress.  I have a ton of patterned ones (four from H&M that are all the same style, just different patterns), but no solid ones.
I can justify this because I’m going for something versatile.  And because I deserve it.  Grad school is tough sometimes, kids.  But I do love it.

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