(opposite of) mellow yellow

By George, I think I received a compliment about my bold fashion choice this weekend!

That color looks really good on you, I feel like most people wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

Why thank you, roommate, for positively reinforcing the Cingria 2.0 mission!

Although to be honest, I’ve had the bright yellow shirt I was wearing since junior year of college.  In a particular un-Cindielike move whilst visiting friends abroad in Florence, I picked up this asymmetrical top to wear out on the town.  I ended up wearing something else that night, but I really do love this shirt.  I had it at my parent’s house and picked it up when I went home a few weeks ago.

If only I got a better picture to really show the asymmetricality.   Honestly, I was more concerned with making sure I had a good time than worrying about my photo op.  I hadn’t been feeling well last week, so it was nice to get out and not feel narsty.  Sorry, blog, you’ll have to do with this poor attempt at showing both sides of the shirt.  It was done in Paint, so please, forgive me.

I was going to write a post last week about how I seem to be gravitating towards “dull” colors.  Pretty, sophisticated clothing, but somewhat on the bland side.  Even some of my intricately patterned tops have an un-risky color palette.  I’m glad I held off on that.  Not that it isn’t true, but at least now I get to show that I can rock the bright colors too.

For the record, most yellows don’t really look good on me.  I’m pale, they don’t flatter me.  However, I think I’ve found my niche with bright yellow.  I have a few tops, though I think trying bright pants or a skirt might be a little too out there for me.

For the record (part two): The bar we went to did play Black ‘n’ Yellow, and I did dance to it.  Also, looking back, I looked kind of like a taxicab (even though I opted for the dark demin jeans instead of the black ones).

For the record (part three): I wore some awesome heels, which I hadn’t broken out since their debut in the High Heel a Thon.  I don’t have a picture of those either, but they looked good.  I feel like I should have spent more time on coordinating my accessories, but that’s just something I’m going to have to work on.  It’s not my fault I have a beautiful heart necklace from my handsome beau that I wear almost everyday.


One thought on “(opposite of) mellow yellow

  1. You know, maybe if I scrolled far enough, I wouldn’t have had to make an ass of myself and actually ASK you where the comments were. I swear, my brain cells are dying faster than ever.

    But more to the point, you are so fabulous in yellow. Bold colors always get a little scary, especially for us when we’re so pale, but you pull it off really well! Sometimes I think it has even less to do with skintone, and more to do with hair color/makeup. So you look perfect and you’re fabulous and I love you. 😀

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