one step forward, one step back

I know I said I should post more pictures of myself actually wearing the clothes I own, instead of showing the pictures from the websites.  Luckily my family loves taking pictures, so if I’m at a family function, there is probably going to be photographic evidence of my outfit.

FYI, this Easter outfit is my “step forward” (the step back will rear it’s ugly head in a moment).  No, I didn’t really accessorize.  No, I didn’t match my nail polish or try anything crazy and fashionable.  I think I have a few decent excuses for remaining relatively conservative:

  1. I was seeing relatively conservative family
  2. I was commuting home by train in the evening back to my apartment, so I didn’t want to get too crazy, nor did I want to schlep too many clothes on my round-trip weekend journey
  3. It was Easter, and isn’t Easter usually the time for pretty dresses and simple lines?
So there you have it.  I just didn’t want you to get too excited.  Also, since you can’t see my footwear, I’m wearing boots.  My mom said they looked ridiculous, but see reason no.2 for my explanation as to this strange fashion choice.  Living out of an overnight bag has its drawbacks when it comes to dressing nicely.
Simple, but cute I think.  And I love that the dress came with that belt, because I’m absolutely going to use it as an accessory on other outfits.
Ok, so the part you’ve all been waiting for: the part where I screwed up.  So completely utterly screwed up that I almost want to just say “to heck with it!” and just spend the rest of the spring/summer in t-shirts.  Really.
No, not really, it wasn’t that bad.  But it’s still a little embarrassing.  Before I begin, two things you should know:
  1. I pride myself in looking professional at work, and giving off an air of composure.  It makes me look older and gives students confidence in working with me if I don’t look like I walked in and sat at my desk after an 8AM biology class.
  2. I sometimes get dressed in the semi-darkness.  I don’t have windows in my room, so my light is always a little skewed.  However, when my beau is over, he gets up for work later than I do, so I get dressed with only a little desk light halfway across the room, so as not to wake him.  I normally cover my ass in regards to horrible fashion choices by using the full length mirror in our closet or scrutinizing in the bright natural light of the living room.  Today I did not do either of these things (I was running late).
So today I wore a silky green top, blank skinny pants and boots (I switched into my black pumps at work, since I keep all of my work shoes in my filing cabinet and wear comfier shoes on the way to the office).  I’ve worn this combination many times before.  It’s basic, but classy, and also pretty comfortable.  I even wear the same jewelry (a long silver necklace with black beads and matching earrings from Bijuju) everytime I wear this outfit.
I walked into the restroom about halfway through the day, and realized that you can see the pattern of my lacy brassiere underneath it.  Not terribly awfully horribly, at least not in normal light.  But in the bright fluorescent lights of the restroom, holy crap.  Thank goodness I didn’t really see any students face to face today.  Tomorrow I’m giving a presentation in a classroom (two actually, one at work and one at school), that would have been disastrous.
So I guess with my step forward and step back, I’m back and square one today.  Sigh.

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