cheesecake or chemise?

I haven’t purchased any clothes in the last week.  While this is (theoretically) good for my bank account, it’s not good for my closet!  Even as I took a quick perusal online today, nothing stuck out at me as being a must-have.  Am I getting pickier, or just cheaper?  Am I finding myself going to the sale section, but realizing that I don’t want another dark cardigan?  I’d rather have some bright spring clothes by now, but of course those are full price.  I could rationalize a big purchase if I haven’t bought any clothes recently, yes?

Unfortunately, my budget didn’t even fare well last week, despite the lack of shopping bags.  I didn’t have class after work last week (hello, late spring break!), so I made it my goal to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in awhile.  Night classes kill two nights a week for me, and then I usually leave a third for laundry, homework and various errands.  So all of that extra free time resulted in coffee, beer, appetizers, and cheesecake.

In addition to my post-work rendezvous, I also bought lunch three of the four days I worked last week.  My lunch generally consists of a sandwich, a sweet snack and a piece of fruit (why yes, this is the same lunch you would have found in my lunchbox in elementary school).  I’ll go out once a week, but a coworker was moving onto another job and of course, that needed a (few) last lunches.  Gosh.

Since I work in New York City, all of this coffee, beer, lunch, cheesecake and appetizers add up.  Probably to more than I would have spend on any wardrobe updates.  That’s fine, I always enjoy spending time with friends and I had a lovely week.  I’m just annoyed that my week off from spending money on clothes didn’t give me any additional money to spend this week.  I can’t justify buying a really nice outfit by saying, “well, I didn’t buy anything last week…”, because that’s a lie.  I bought delicious sweets and treats last week.

This brings me to a larger issue, more than a simple: do I spend money on clothes or going out?  I don’t necessarily have a strict budget.  I keep tabs on what I’m putting on my credit card (usually just groceries), and I make sure my identity hasn’t been stolen. But beyond that, I don’t limit myself to a certain amount of income on recreation, clothes, household items, etc.  I find that restrictive, and if I’m meeting my general goal of how much I want to put into savings, anything beyond that is spendable, right?  I think so.  I hope so.

The frugal fairy circling my mind hasn’t stopped me from looking at outfit inspiration, of course.  My current covet:

I have bright pink pants that are almost like that, but now I’m digging the red ones (too bad they’re sold out!).  I think the scarf should be easy enough to find, and I am already planning a trip to Uniqlo for some summer basics, since they do lightweight fabrics just oh so well.


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