dilemma, decidedly not of the moral kind

As I find myself delving into the world of fashion blogging, I’m stumbling onto more and more blogs that just click with me.  I should have known that in today’s world, where anyone and everyone can blog just about anything, there would be a niche I was looking for: practical, everyday people talking about their clothes.  Sure, maybe they are taking fancy pictures of themselves while doing so, but their clothes are still accessible (see The Daybook).

One blog I’ve recently come to know and love is J’s Everyday Fashion (thanks to my lovely pal Clare for the heads-up)  Girl knows her way around a great sale, online or otherwise.  Her outfits are definitely ones that I can pull off, and they use the same pieces frequently.  As someone with a small closet, this is something I can grativate towards.  She shops at my kind of stores (Loft, Banana Republic), what else could I possibly want?

…but then Forever 21 rears it’s ugly head again.

Wait, didn’t I just talk about how excited I was that I could go there to put together some fun outfits?  And how I can stockpile basics for cheap?  I did.  Didn’t I just buy two pairs of shoes for $40.00 from Payless?  I did.  But now that I’m thinking about it, I realize that my original goal was to find classic lasting pieces that can weather the storm of working and playing season after season.  Things that I won’t have to buy again in two years because the cardigans are pulled or the turtleneck neck is stretched out.  Shouldn’t I shell out the extra $20 bucks once for a nice floral top?  Am I drifting from my original goals if I fall off the wagon and buy a(nother) pair of sandals at Payless?  I didn’t sign a “contract” to do this whole shebang with anyone but myself, so does it even matter?

Apparently I’m a bipolar unfashionista in addition to being an indecisive one.  Terrific.

This is my dilemma: buy less expensive clothes for more complete outfits, or save my money for better pieces?  I think I can manage to have the best of both worlds if I keep bargain hunting at better stores, rather than succumbing to the (admittedly hard to resist) urge of popping into Forever 21 and stocking up on cute summer dresses.

Second dilemma: do you consider H&M to be of the same caliber as Forever 21?  I hope not?  I prefer the former because they have styles that are more aligned with my taste.  Plus, I can get a bunch of work basics there, and

  1. they don’t really get wrinkled unless I shove them in a drawer.
  2. they don’t shrink, no matter how many times I wash/dry them

I would say at least half of my summer dresses are from H&M, I’ve had them for a few years and they’re still looking nice.  So I hope that I’m not being hypocritical in saying I’d shop there before I stop by Forever 21.

On another note, I got a great off-white dress from the thrift store on Saturday.  It’s just past my knees, with a crocheted neckline and a nice floral pattern towards the bottom.  It needs a slip, but if I throw on the matching green bangle I bought, with some boots and a blazer, I’m set for spring.  For $9 (including the bracelet), I’ll take it.

I guess all bets are off when I go thrifting, half of the time I pick up things from brands I’ve never even heard of.  Maybe they’ll fall apart after one wash, who knows.  Hopefully not, if I can get at least one season out of this dress I’ll be a happy camper.


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