bye boots, hello boats

Yesterday a familiar mood struck me, surely you know it: shoe-shopping mood.  It’s a certain kind of desire, you don’t want to buy clothes, just shoes.  You might not even need them, but you just have to go.  Maybe just to look, but probably to purchase.  I justified this mood with the fact that I had a Chase giftcard burning a hole in my pocket, literally.  I’d had it since Christmas 2009 (yeah), and at this point it was losing money every month.

I decided that in my quest for something nautical, boat shoes would be ideal.  They’re cute, they look comfortable, and they can probably match a whole bunch of outfits.  Besides, they’re nice enough to wear to work over the summer, when dress codes are a little bit more lax.  So I was out to buy some boat shoes.  After doing some pricing online, I was ready to hit the store.  Not only was I in a shoe-shopping mood, I was in an instant-gratification mood.  I didn’t want to wait for them to ship, I wanted to break them in as I watched Jeopardy later that night.

And so I went to Atlantic Terminal, figuring I’d try my luck at DSW.  While they had a ton of shoes that looked amazing, I was going to be prudent: boat shoes or bust.  No strappy sandals (I just bought sandals), no boots (I have enough pairs and it’s almost the end of boot weather), and no ridiculously high heels (they’re just impractical).  Unfortunately none of their boat shoes really struck my fancy, after all that.

So I went to Payless.

Disclaimer: Yes, I frequent Payless on occasion.  As a junior in college, I needed black pumps as some functional footwear for my internship.  Black pumps, you’d think they’re pretty simple, right?  I guess I was too demanding, I didn’t like any of the ones at DSW or any of the other shoe stores near me.  So I went to Payless and they had the perfect ones: not too low or too high, simple but cute.  And three years later, I still wear them for work.  So until Payless lets me down, I’ll continue going there.

And sure enough, they had two cute pairs of summer-y, nautical shoes, for the same price I was going to pay for one pair at DSW.  I got my boat shoes, and I got a nice denim wedge.  Both pairs are comfortable (I really did break them in whilst watching Jeopardy), and practical for work or outdoor dining come nicer weather.  Now I just need that nicer weather so I can wear them outside!


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