five essentials (an update)

So a few weeks back I posted my list of five essentials that I thought my wardrobe needed, and was sorely lacking.  Recently I’ve come to acquire two of the things on my list (hello, birthday presents!).  However, I decided that my list shouldn’t ever shrink below five.  You know what that means!  I get to pick two new things on my “must have” list.

I love making these rules for myself, I can change them whenever I want to best suit my interests.  This is great.

So, to start, what got the boot?

1) Bright blazer.  I got a Charter Club off-white blazer, similar to this one.  It’s not necessarily as colorful as I originally intended, but in weighing my options I decided that buying another one in a different color wasn’t cost effective.  And since it’s a neutral color I can dress it up with a bright dress or pants, that’s fine.

2) Cocktail ring.  I was given one for my birthday, but it was too big.  I returned it for two, because I’m thrifty like that.  One in gold, one is silver.  I was trying to find pictures of them on the Macy’s website, but to no avail.  I’ve still got my eye on this Rachel Roy ring though.  I’m sure there will be a sale at some point, if I can snag it for less than $25 I probably will.

Now comes the tricky part: what else did I think I needed to add to my list?  After checking out a few lists of “must haves”, I managed to come up with two more things.  And when I say “managed to come up with”, what I really mean is that I could probably think of five thousand things, but in deciding whether or not they’re truly necessary, I’ve had to enlist strict criteria to narrow it down.

My search led me to the Weardrobe, a website where people can post pictures of what they wear.  While I’d never do that for fear of ten thousand “dislikes”, I’m enjoying the looks that other people are putting together.  (For the record, Weardrobe doesn’t have a dislike button, but people would find a way to do it on my wears, trust me).  Yes, some of them are a little too hipster or outlandish for me, but from my preliminary visit, it isn’t as “look at me I’m so artsy” as lookbook.  And of course, everyone takes the opportunity to whore out their blog links in their posts, but I shouldn’t throw stones, as I’d probably do the same thing.

Without further ado, I add two items to my list!

  1. Linen shorts
  2. Ballet flats
  3. Black turtleneck

Number 4: A polka dot dress.  I was looking at Navy Blue to be able to mimic this look.  I have a few cardigans I could wear over it, and now I’ve got a cross-body bag to call my own.  I’m sure my brown boots would go just as nicely with it as a pair of beige sandals.

Number 5:  Something, anything with a nautical touch.  I have a cute belt/scarf from Land’s End with red boats on it, and I have a blue/white striped shirt.  But I want something with an anchor.  Nautical never goes out of style, right?

I have a feeling I could find a cute polka-dot dress at one of the many thrift stores near me, so I may make a trip soon.  It’s been awhile since I did some thrifting, I think I can afford to go back.



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