style inspiration: the daybook

I’m not someone that buys clothes very often, I don’t go to the same stores once a week to see what’s new.  I get things in the mail, but not because I’m loyal, mostly because I’ve given them my email addresses.  So as I’m trying to revamp my wardrobe, I’m coming to terms with the fact that it’s going to be a more costly venture than, say, collecting baseball cards.  My boyfriend (who is also my conscience in things like this), will comment on this new habit occasionally: “oh, you bought another pair of shoes?”.

I feel like that came out wrong.  He’s wonderful.  I know he says it out of love, and he’s not chastising me or scolding me.  I don’t buy clothes more often than a normal person, but it’s more often than my normal.

But it still leaves me to reconcile these expenses in my own mind (and budget).  I feel like if I’m going to be putting the effort in, I should be buying things that will last, whether they’re essentials or simply made really well.  I figured I should discard any notion of stopping into Forever21 or stores like that.

Enter my style inspiration for today, Sydney at The Daybook, shattering all my assumptions.  I’m looking at this post in particular.  I’m not going to direct link or post her image, but since it’s not me, that would be weird.  (She’s also the person I linked to with those amazing purple tights).

I love this outfit.  It’s simple and beautiful.  Some color, some contrast.  It’s everything I’m looking to pull off with my own wardrobe, displayed for me to replicate.  And the best part?  Not everything she’s wearing is expensive!  Some of it is downright inexpensive!  Here I was, thinking I had to splurge for every new piece (or at least buy it at an amazing sale price), and she’s rocking tops from Forever 21 and jeans from Old Navy in a perfect outfit.  And now I’ve even got a new Etsy store to check out.

This has gotten to the point where I’m gushing and it’s a little embarrassing, so I’ll stop there.  But now I’m up to my eyeballs in new design paradigms and I’m kind of in the mood to go back to Forever 21, a place I figured I’d stop shopping at for good.

Sidenote: I’m actually wearing one of my Mets t-shirts today, despite the fact that this is a primary example of my un-fashionista background .  It’s casual Friday in the office, so I paired it with a blazer, some cords and my rainboots (which I’d rather not be wearing, but they do look nice).  I’ve actually worn relatively 2.0 outfits two days this week, I took mirror pictures that I may upload depending on how silly they do or don’t look.


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